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Items Kept on Death icon
This is a safe minigame.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.
Camelot training room
Release date 24 July 2007 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Quest series Camelot quest series
Developer(s) Nancy J
Age Fifth Age
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The Camelot training room, also known as the "Knight Waves Training Grounds", is a miniquest located on the top floor of Camelot castle. Players must have completed the King's Ransom quest to enter. A squire standing outside the door of the training room will explain how the training grounds work.

Players must successfully defeat the eight Knights of the Round Table. Players are allowed to use any style of combat, however Summoning, Prayer, binds and stuns are not allowed and will not work. As well as doing damage, each knight drains certain combat stats (Attack, Defence, Strength, Magic and Ranged) by 5 upon hitting the player. Each knight is harder than the preceding one and will hit more accurately, thereby draining combat stats faster.

The Knight WavesEdit

Wave Knight Level Stats lowered
1 Sir Bedivere Sir Bedivere 79 Strength, Magic, Ranged
2 Sir Pelleas Sir Pelleas 79 Defence
3 Sir Tristram Sir Tristram 79 Strength, Magic, Ranged
4 Sir Palomedes Sir Palomedes 84 Attack, Magic, Ranged
5 Sir Lucan Sir Lucan 84 Defence, Magic, Ranged
6 Sir Gawain Sir Gawain 84 Attack, Magic, Ranged
7 Sir Kay Sir Kay 84 Defence
8 Sir Lancelot Sir Lancelot 84 Defence, Strength, Magic, Ranged

Combat StrategyEdit

Important! Binding, stuns, prayer and summoning will not work! Do not bring items for these!

Players who have the requisite 65 defence for King's Ransom should have no trouble with this miniquest, as long as enough super potions are brought that stats do not drop too low.

The knights will not hit very high, but every hit will reduce a significant amount of stats in combat skills, as tabled above. Players should not need more than 5-10 monkfish, but should have a lot of super defence and super att+str/range/mage. Remember, supers restore based on current level, not base level- keep your stats tab open at all times. As well, abilities will stop working if levels drop too low.

Tank armour is recommended instead of power armour, as the knights do not drain stats on missed hits.

There are no spots to safely attack the knights, but careful luring can allow the knight to be stuck between one of the pairs of training dummies near the door. This can allow Regenerate to be used. In an emergency, resting can restore 1% of life points every 6 seconds and combat stats can be allowed to regenerate.

Players will retain their lowered life points and stats if they exit the miniquest early. It is therefore recommended that when battles turn sour, players should allow themselves to be killed, as opposed to leaving via the exit, as it is a safe minigame. If players leave or die, they will have to start all over again. It is also possible for a final hit to land just as the exit is used, unsafely killing a player outside the room.


Camelot training room rewards

This miniquest can be done only once. Players cannot reenter the training room if they've already completed the challenge.


  • If you die in the training room, the death music that plays when you die will play twice.
  • Sir Gawain wields a halberd, but if players take cover behind the dummies, he isn't able to attack them, even though all halberds have a two-square reach.
  • Sir Lancelot wields a sword that resembles the old version of silverlight. He also attacks at around the speed of a dagger or scimitar, which is slightly faster than the other knights (who attack at the speed of a longsword).
  • If you talk to Merlin straight after he sets your respawn point to Camelot, "Nothing interesting happens" appears in the chat box. The same thing is achieved when talking to Arianwyn straight after completing Regicide, as well as when trying to talk to Barnabus Hurma after completing Zogre Flesh Eaters.
  • The Camelot training room is required to be completed for Nomad's Requiem. This is because you need to unlock Piety, which has the use in Nomad's Requiem of preventing damage and stat drain from the haze.
  • Every knight attacks with a slash sound, even Sir Pelleas who wields a warhammer, and Sir Kay who wields a mace. It is unknown whether this is intentional.

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