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The "Camel God" is a deity whose existence is implied by Aristarchus, a Menaphite historian from the city of Menaphos that is currently residing in Pollnivneach. They supposedly appeared with the aspect of a camel, and was active in what would eventually become the Kharidian Desert.

Aristarchus suggests that Akthanakos, a Mahjarrat loyal to Zaros, took on the aspect of this deity when he arrived in Gielinor from Freneskae in the Second Age, which is why he appears with the head of a camel. According to Akthanakos, the Camel Warriors he later created refer to Akthanakos himself as the camel god to show their respect.

The camel god's existence is left ambiguous, as they are only briefly alluded to by Aristarchus and in The Ugthanatos, and no mention of their existence may be found elsewhere. It's possible that Aristarchus simply meant Akthanakos imitated the style of the Menaphite gods by assuming a desert animal-headed humanoid, and not a specific god. If they do exist, they are not part of the Desert Pantheon.[1]


  • A poll released by Jagex on 26 July 2010 made specific reference to the god, including the statement "some in the desert insist he's real!" [2].


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