This following table calculates the profits from withdrawing runes from the wicked hood. Either 100 F2P-craftable runes or 5 runes of other types can be withdrawn at once. Runes can be withdrawn once per day, or twice if an elemental talisman has been added to the hood. You can remove runes even more times per day if you have pieces of the Wicked robes. The outside ring runes will withdraw 5 runes, while the inside ring runes will withdraw 100.

Icon Rune Quantity Total value
Fire rune Fire rune 100 10,500
Water rune Water rune 100 2,200
Air rune Air rune 100 6,400
Earth rune Earth rune 100 2,000
Mind rune Mind rune 100 1,900
Body rune Body rune 100 2,900
Chaos rune Chaos rune 5 470
Death rune Death rune 5 860
Cosmic rune Cosmic rune 5 1,305
Law rune Law rune 5 1,825
Nature rune Nature rune 5 2,105
Astral rune Astral rune 5 1,830
Blood rune Blood rune 5 2,905
Soul rune Soul rune 5 1,935

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