The Wiki Treasure Trail Coordinate Finder is a tool that is found in the coordinate template. It will allow a quick look at the coordinate location for a coordinate clue, and will also provide a description of the location. You will need to have Javascript enabled to use the coordinate finder.

If you want to determine your coordinate location:

  1. Enter your coordinates. Zero-padding single digits is not required (7 is accepted as 07).
  2. Click Submit.
 template = Coordinate
 form = jcCoord_Form
 result = jcCoord_Result
 param = degree1|Degree 1|0|int|
 param = minute1|Minute 1|0|int|
 param = direction1|Direction 1|north|select|north,south
 param = degree2|Degree 2|0|int|
 param = minute2|Minute 2|0|int|
 param = direction2|Direction 2|east|select|east,west
The coordinate finder was unable to load. You will need to enable JavaScript.

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