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Your Slayer task is 1 cows. Experience to gain:

  • Slayer: 8 (8 each)
  • Melee (accurate/aggressive/defensive): 32 (32 each)
  • Melee (controlled): 10.667 (10.667 each)
  • Ranged: 32 (32 each)
  • Ranged (longranged): 16 Ranged and 16 Defence (16 and 16 each, respectively)
  • Ranged (cannon): 16 (16 each)[1]
  • Magic: 16 (16 each)[2]
  • Magic (defensive): 10.667 Magic and 8 Defence (10.667 and 8 each, respectively)[2]
  • Constitution: 10.667 (10.667 each)[1]
  • Expected charms:
    • Gold: 0
    • Green: 0
    • Crimson: 0
    • Blue: 0
  1. ^ a b You are unlikely to be able to cannon every monster of your task; this is the maximum ranged experience you can obtain by cannoning. However you won't get any Constitution experience by cannoning.
  2. ^ a b This is the minimum Magic experience you can obtain - base experience for each spell is not accounted for.

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