This is a static calculator.
It does not take user inputs, but it does use changing prices from the Grand Exchange Market Watch. If prices appear to be outdated, purge the page by clicking here.


This calculator gives the profit/loss values for using the spring cleaner to clean every item it affects, in both modes.

  • Bonus Experience awarded is listed to exact decimal places, however the experience awarded in-game is rounded down to the previous integer (i.e. a floor function). However, if multiple of the same item are cleaned at once (i.e. condensed into one spring cleaner report), the fractional amounts are considered. All bonus experience values listed are the base experience gained from using the basic spring cleaner, and not any of the upgraded versions
    • The value is doubled with spring cleaner 2000, tripled with 3000 and quadrupled with 9000. This multiplication does account for fractional amounts.
  • Coins/XP (GE) calculates the value of the bonus experience earned, per experience point, based on selling the item on the Grand Exchange (i.e. using research mode versus not using cleaner). This uses the base bonus experience value.
  • Coins/XP (Dismantle) calculates the value of the bonus experience earned, per experience point, based on the value of the materials gained from a successful dismantle (i.e. using research mode versus using dismantle mode). Again, this uses the base bonus experience value.
  • Raw Value refers to the coins you actually made by getting the materials and selling them, accounting for the spring - it does not account for the value of the item that was dismantled.
    • Price of a spring: 4,808
  • Profit (GE) refers to the opportunity profit or loss you made by dismantling the item versus picking the item up and selling it on the Grand Exchange. A positive number means you made more by dismantling than you would've selling on the GE; a negative number means you would've made more by selling on the GE than dismantling
  • Profit (Alch) refers to the opportunity profit or loss made by dismantling the item versus picking the item up and casting High Level Alchemy on it, assuming you use a fire-rune-providing staff. A positive number means you made more by dismantling than you would've by alching; a negative number means you would've made more by alching than dismantling. Note that this can be odd with low-value items where the price of a spring is significant to the value: rather than making more profit by alching, you make less loss, or vice versa.
    • Price of a nature rune: 451
    • If using fire runes instead of a staff, all alchemy profits are reduced by 370 (i.e. add that number to the numbers in the alchemy profit column)

Metal WeaponsEdit

Hastae are not cleaned. Spears have a different core material to all other weapons (the logs opposed to the ore). Halberds are not cleaned as they cannot be smithed. Most off-hand weaponry is not dropped, but they give the same experience and materials as the main-hand weapon when they are, so all are listed here for completeness.

Metal weaponry, like metal armour, award bonus experience equal to 75% the experience gained in making the item from its bars, rounded down: i.e. a rune dagger (1 bar) gives 75 experience when made, and awards 56.25 (rounded down to 56) bonus experience when researched. (In addition, since the creation experience is based on the bar used, this means that the research bonus experience is too.) Experience gained in making the bar is ignored.


Item Research mode Dismantle mode
Core material Other materials Full Success Partial success
BXP received Coins/XP (GE) Coins/XP (Dismantle) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch)
Rune daggerRune dagger56.25 Smithing-69.56-219.64Runite ore
Off-hand rune daggerOff-hand rune dagger56.25 Smithing-66.65-219.64Runite ore
Rune clawRune claw112.5 Smithing-54.19-219.64Runite ore
16 Coal19,90213,80616,75317,64611,55014,497
Off-hand rune clawOff-hand rune claw112.5 Smithing-31.61-219.64Runite ore
16 Coal19,90216,34616,75317,64614,09014,497
Rune hatchetRune hatchet56.25 Smithing-120.62-219.64Runite ore
Rune pickaxeRune pickaxe112.5 Smithing-159.47-219.64Runite ore
16 Coal19,9021,9621,15317,646-294-1,103
Rune maceRune mace56.25 Smithing-130.36-219.64Runite ore
Off-hand rune maceOff-hand rune mace56.25 Smithing-132.09-219.64Runite ore
Rune swordRune sword56.25 Smithing-199.56-219.64Runite ore
Off-hand rune swordOff-hand rune sword56.25 Smithing-199.34-219.64Runite ore
Rune longswordRune longsword112.5 Smithing-159.75-219.64Runite ore
16 Coal19,9021,9301,15317,646-326-1,103
Off-hand rune longswordOff-hand rune longsword112.5 Smithing-158.92-219.64Runite ore
16 Coal19,9022,0241,15317,646-232-1,103
Rune scimitarRune scimitar112.5 Smithing-130-219.64Runite ore
16 Coal19,9025,2774,99317,6463,0212,737
Off-hand rune scimitarOff-hand rune scimitar112.5 Smithing-123.53-219.64Runite ore
16 Coal19,9026,0054,99317,6463,7492,737
Rune spearRune spear112.5 Smithing-97.71-114.45Magic logs
Runite ore
Rune warhammerRune warhammer168.75 Smithing-137.42-219.64Runite ore
24 Coal32,2579,0687,80828,8735,6844,424
Off-hand rune warhammerOff-hand rune warhammer168.75 Smithing-137.23-219.64Runite ore
24 Coal32,2579,0997,80828,8735,7154,424
Rune battleaxeRune battleaxe168.75 Smithing-140.88-219.64Runite ore
24 Coal32,2578,4847,74828,8735,1004,364
Off-hand rune battleaxeOff-hand rune battleaxe168.75 Smithing-139.8-219.64Runite ore
24 Coal32,2578,6667,74828,8735,2824,364
Rune 2h swordRune 2h sword168.75 Smithing-218.13-219.64Runite ore
24 Coal32,257-4,552-5,69228,873-7,936-9,076


Item Research mode Dismantle mode
Core material Other materials Full Success Partial success
BXP received Coins/XP (GE) Coins/XP (Dismantle) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch)
Adamant daggerAdamant dagger46.875 Smithing-63.55-43.43Adamantite ore
Off-hand adamant daggerOff-hand adamant dagger46.875 Smithing-31.34-43.43Adamantite ore
Adamant clawAdamant claw93.75 Smithing-58.12-43.43Adamantite ore
12 Coal-736-6,185-645-2,428-7,877-2,337
Off-hand adamant clawOff-hand adamant claw93.75 Smithing-48.41-43.43Adamantite ore
12 Coal-736-5,274-645-2,428-6,966-2,337
Adamant hatchetAdamant hatchet46.875 Smithing-63.74-43.43Adamantite ore
Adamant pickaxeAdamant pickaxe93.75 Smithing-62.97-43.43Adamantite ore
12 Coal-736-6,639-2,205-2,428-8,331-3,897
Adamant maceAdamant mace46.875 Smithing-64.98-43.43Adamantite ore
Off-hand adamant maceOff-hand adamant mace46.875 Smithing-45.93-43.43Adamantite ore
Adamant swordAdamant sword46.875 Smithing-66.15-43.43Adamantite ore
Off-hand adamant swordOff-hand adamant sword46.875 Smithing-62.49-43.43Adamantite ore
Adamant longswordAdamant longsword93.75 Smithing-57.08-43.43Adamantite ore
12 Coal-736-6,087-2,205-2,428-7,779-3,897
Off-hand adamant longswordOff-hand adamant longsword93.75 Smithing-42.22-43.43Adamantite ore
12 Coal-736-4,694-2,205-2,428-6,386-3,897
Adamant scimitarAdamant scimitar93.75 Smithing-58.87-43.43Adamantite ore
12 Coal-736-6,255-1,821-2,428-7,947-3,513
Off-hand adamant scimitarOff-hand adamant scimitar93.75 Smithing-56.16-43.43Adamantite ore
12 Coal-736-6,001-1,821-2,428-7,693-3,513
Adamant spearAdamant spear93.75 Smithing-82.35-23.81Yew logs
Adamantite ore
Adamant warhammerAdamant warhammer140.625 Smithing-22.13-43.43Adamantite ore
18 Coal1,300-1,812-1,462-1,238-4,350-4,000
Off-hand adamant warhammerOff-hand adamant warhammer140.625 Smithing-18.79-43.43Adamantite ore
18 Coal1,300-1,343-1,462-1,238-3,881-4,000
Adamant battleaxeAdamant battleaxe140.625 Smithing-41.76-43.43Adamantite ore
18 Coal1,300-4,573-745-1,238-7,111-3,283
Off-hand adamant battleaxeOff-hand adamant battleaxe140.625 Smithing-25.71-43.43Adamantite ore
18 Coal1,300-2,316-745-1,238-4,854-3,283
Adamant 2h swordAdamant 2h sword140.625 Smithing-47.69-43.43Adamantite ore
18 Coal1,300-5,406-2,089-1,238-7,944-4,627


Item Research mode Dismantle mode
Core material Other materials Full Success Partial success
BXP received Coins/XP (GE) Coins/XP (Dismantle) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch)
Mithril daggerMithril dagger37.5 Smithing-48.69-27.68Mithril ore
Off-hand mithril daggerOff-hand mithril dagger37.5 Smithing-11.01-27.68Mithril ore
Mithril clawMithril claw75 Smithing-40.2-27.68Mithril ore
Off-hand mithril clawOff-hand mithril claw75 Smithing-32.95-27.68Mithril ore
Mithril hatchetMithril hatchet37.5 Smithing-48.24-27.68Mithril ore
Mithril pickaxeMithril pickaxe75 Smithing-41.11-27.68Mithril ore
Mithril maceMithril mace37.5 Smithing-49.55-27.68Mithril ore
Off-hand mithril maceOff-hand mithril mace37.5 Smithing-18.27-27.68Mithril ore
Mithril swordMithril sword37.5 Smithing-49.25-27.68Mithril ore
Off-hand mithril swordOff-hand mithril sword37.5 Smithing-49.52-27.68Mithril ore
Mithril longswordMithril longsword75 Smithing-42.81-27.68Mithril ore
Off-hand mithril longswordOff-hand mithril longsword75 Smithing-34.27-27.68Mithril ore
Mithril scimitarMithril scimitar75 Smithing-43.09-27.68Mithril ore
Off-hand mithril scimitarOff-hand mithril scimitar75 Smithing-42.92-27.68Mithril ore
Mithril spearMithril spear75 Smithing-74.55-14.81Maple logs
Mithril ore
Mithril warhammerMithril warhammer112.5 Smithing-18.82-27.68Mithril ore
12 Coal-1,694-3,811-2,537-3,386-5,503-4,229
Off-hand mithril warhammerOff-hand mithril warhammer112.5 Smithing-10.12-27.68Mithril ore
12 Coal-1,694-2,833-2,537-3,386-4,525-4,229
Mithril battleaxeMithril battleaxe112.5 Smithing-36.8-27.68Mithril ore
12 Coal-1,694-5,834-2,257-3,386-7,526-3,949
Off-hand mithril battleaxeOff-hand mithril battleaxe112.5 Smithing-23.31-27.68Mithril ore
12 Coal-1,694-4,316-2,257-3,386-6,008-3,949
Mithril 2h swordMithril 2h sword112.5 Smithing-35.7-27.68Mithril ore
12 Coal-1,694-5,710-2,803-3,386-7,402-4,495


Item Research mode Dismantle mode
Core material Other materials Full Success Partial success
BXP received Coins/XP (GE) Coins/XP (Dismantle) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch)
Steel daggerSteel dagger28.125 Smithing-37.8-16.92Iron ore
Off-hand steel daggerOff-hand steel dagger28.125 Smithing-9.17-16.92Iron ore
Steel clawSteel claw56.25 Smithing-32.18-16.92Iron ore
Off-hand steel clawOff-hand steel claw56.25 Smithing-6.67-16.92Iron ore
Steel hatchetSteel hatchet28.125 Smithing-38.54-16.92Iron ore
Steel pickaxeSteel pickaxe56.25 Smithing-27.13-16.92Iron ore
Steel maceSteel mace28.125 Smithing-41.49-16.92Iron ore
Off-hand steel maceOff-hand steel mace28.125 Smithing-7.32-16.92Iron ore
Steel swordSteel sword28.125 Smithing-41.28-16.92Iron ore
Off-hand steel swordOff-hand steel sword28.125 Smithing-33.32-16.92Iron ore
Steel longswordSteel longsword56.25 Smithing-32.85-16.92Iron ore
Off-hand steel longswordOff-hand steel longsword56.25 Smithing-20.43-16.92Iron ore
Steel scimitarSteel scimitar56.25 Smithing-33.01-16.92Iron ore
Off-hand steel scimitarOff-hand steel scimitar56.25 Smithing-33.69-16.92Iron ore
Steel spearSteel spear56.25 Smithing-87.95-9.74Willow logs
Iron ore
Steel warhammerSteel warhammer84.375 Smithing-15.5-16.92Iron ore
Off-hand steel warhammerOff-hand steel warhammer84.375 Smithing-3.78-16.92Iron ore
Steel battleaxeSteel battleaxe84.375 Smithing-26.28-16.92Iron ore
Off-hand steel battleaxeOff-hand steel battleaxe84.375 Smithing-19.85-16.92Iron ore
Steel 2h swordSteel 2h sword84.375 Smithing-28.25-16.92Iron ore


Item Research mode Dismantle mode
Materials Full Success
BXP received Coins/XP (GE) Coins/XP (Dismantle) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch)
Iron daggerIron dagger18.75 Smithing-38.45-10.35Iron ore-4,614-5,335-4,184
Off-hand iron daggerOff-hand iron dagger18.75 Smithing-10.4-10.35Iron ore-4,614-4,809-4,184
Iron clawIron claw37.5 Smithing-31.84-10.35Iron ore-4,420-5,614-3,984
Off-hand iron clawOff-hand iron claw37.5 Smithing-11.07-10.35Iron ore-4,420-4,835-3,984
Iron hatchetIron hatchet18.75 Smithing-35.79-10.35Iron ore-4,614-5,285-4,196
Iron pickaxeIron pickaxe37.5 Smithing-37.87-10.35Iron ore-4,420-5,840-4,053
Iron maceIron mace18.75 Smithing-41.44-10.35Iron ore-4,614-5,391-4,200
Off-hand iron maceOff-hand iron mace18.75 Smithing-5.55-10.35Iron ore-4,614-4,718-4,200
Iron swordIron sword18.75 Smithing-41.44-10.35Iron ore-4,614-5,391-4,217
Off-hand iron swordOff-hand iron sword18.75 Smithing-15.15-10.35Iron ore-4,614-4,898-4,217
Iron longswordIron longsword37.5 Smithing-32.59-10.35Iron ore-4,420-5,642-4,053
Off-hand iron longswordOff-hand iron longsword37.5 Smithing-5.84-10.35Iron ore-4,420-4,639-4,053
Iron scimitarIron scimitar37.5 Smithing-36.88-10.35Iron ore-4,420-5,803-4,036
Off-hand iron scimitarOff-hand iron scimitar37.5 Smithing-28.32-10.35Iron ore-4,420-5,482-4,036
Iron warhammerIron warhammer56.25 Smithing-13.55-10.35Iron ore-4,226-4,988-3,909
Off-hand iron warhammerOff-hand iron warhammer56.25 Smithing-1.8-10.35Iron ore-4,226-4,327-3,909
Iron battleaxeIron battleaxe56.25 Smithing-25.01-10.35Iron ore-4,226-5,633-3,884
Off-hand iron battleaxeOff-hand iron battleaxe56.25 Smithing-4.07-10.35Iron ore-4,226-4,455-3,884
Iron 2h swordIron 2h sword56.25 Smithing-28.27-10.35Iron ore-4,226-5,816-3,943
Item Research mode Dismantle mode
Core material Other materials Full Success Partial success
BXP received Coins/XP (GE) Coins/XP (Dismantle) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch)
Iron spearIron spear37.5 Smithing-87.76-9.23Oak logs
Iron ore-4,462-7,753-4,065-4,656-7,947-4,259


Item Research mode Dismantle mode
Core material Other materials Full Success Partial success
BXP received Coins/XP (GE) Coins/XP (Dismantle) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch)
Bronze daggerBronze dagger9.375 Smithing-50.77-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,743-5,219-4,298-4,773-5,249-4,328
Off-hand bronze daggerOff-hand bronze dagger9.375 Smithing-8.32-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,743-4,821-4,298-4,773-4,851-4,328
Bronze clawBronze claw18.75 Smithing-32.05-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,678-5,279-4,241-4,738-5,339-4,301
Off-hand bronze clawOff-hand bronze claw18.75 Smithing-11.41-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,678-4,892-4,241-4,738-4,952-4,301
Bronze hatchetBronze hatchet9.375 Smithing-43.84-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,743-5,154-4,301-4,773-5,184-4,331
Bronze pickaxeBronze pickaxe18.75 Smithing-46.56-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,678-5,551-4,227-4,738-5,611-4,287
Bronze maceBronze mace9.375 Smithing-33.6-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,743-5,058-4,302-4,773-5,088-4,332
Off-hand bronze maceOff-hand bronze mace9.375 Smithing-11.31-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,743-4,849-4,302-4,773-4,879-4,332
Bronze swordBronze sword9.375 Smithing-46.19-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,743-5,176-4,307-4,773-5,206-4,337
Off-hand bronze swordOff-hand bronze sword9.375 Smithing-10.67-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,743-4,843-4,307-4,773-4,873-4,337
Bronze longswordBronze longsword18.75 Smithing-37.81-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,678-5,387-4,251-4,738-5,447-4,311
Off-hand bronze longswordOff-hand bronze longsword18.75 Smithing-2.99-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,678-4,734-4,251-4,738-4,794-4,311
Bronze scimitarBronze scimitar18.75 Smithing-40.43-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,678-5,436-4,246-4,738-5,496-4,306
Off-hand bronze scimitarOff-hand bronze scimitar18.75 Smithing-7.52-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,678-4,819-4,246-4,738-4,879-4,306
Bronze spearBronze spear18.75 Smithing-137.33-21.49Logs
Copper ore
Tin ore
Bronze warhammerBronze warhammer28.125 Smithing-4.2-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,613-4,731-4,198-4,703-4,821-4,288
Off-hand bronze warhammerOff-hand bronze warhammer28.125 Smithing-1.42-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,613-4,653-4,198-4,703-4,743-4,288
Bronze battleaxeBronze battleaxe28.125 Smithing-15.68-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,613-5,054-4,193-4,703-5,144-4,283
Off-hand bronze battleaxeOff-hand bronze battleaxe28.125 Smithing-2.31-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,613-4,678-4,193-4,703-4,768-4,283
Bronze 2h swordBronze 2h sword28.125 Smithing-36.44-6.93Copper ore
Tin ore-4,613-5,638-4,210-4,703-5,728-4,300