Calculates the profit/loss per XP of various special smelting items assuming all components are bought at market price in the Grand Exchange. If you do not double check, it could result in large sum of loss in coins, likely in millions.

Item Level XP Materials Sale Price Profit/Loss Profit/Loss per XP
Dragon sq shield Dragon Sq Shield
75 Shield right half 483,947
Shield left half 64,303
635,019 86,769 1,156.92
Dragonfire shield Dragonfire Shield
2000 Draconic visage 1,240,781
Anti-dragon shield 937
1,214,963 -26,755 -13.38
Dragon platebody
Dragon Platebody
2000 Ruined dragon armour slice 186,710
Ruined dragon armour lump 279,262
Ruined dragon armour shard 227,180
Blast fusion hammer 1,000,000
2,114,909 421,757 210.88

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