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For other calculators, see Calculators.

Free-to-play calculatorsEdit

Skill Description
Cooking-icon Cooking Calculates the number of fish that need to be cooked to attain a level.
Crafting-icon Crafting Calculator not available yet.
Firemaking-icon Firemaking Calculates the number of logs that need to be burnt to attain a level.
Fishing-icon Fishing Calculates the number of fish needed to be caught to obtain a level.
Magic-icon Magic Calculates the number of spell casts required to reach a level.
Mining-icon Mining Calculates the number of ores needed to be mined to attain a level.
Prayer-icon Prayer Calculates the cost and amount of bones needed when buried or used at an altar.
Runecrafting-icon Runecrafting Calculates the number of runes or tiaras needed to be crafted to attain a level, the number of trips this will take, and various costs/profits.
Smithing-icon Smithing Calculates the number of bars needed to be smelted or items needed to be smithed in order to reach a goal.
Woodcutting-icon Woodcutting Calculates the number of logs needed to be chopped to attain a level.

Members calculatorsEdit

Skill Description
Agility-icon Agility Calculates the number of courses needed to be done to get from a given level or experience to a goal.
Construction-icon Construction Calculates how many objects you have to build to gain a specific level or experience. Only contains a small list.
Farming-icon Farming Calculator not available yet.
Fletching-icon Fletching Calculates how many bows must be made, stringed or unstringed, to gain a specific level or experience.
Herblore-icon Herblore Calculates the amount of potions needed to create for your level and how much it will cost.
Hunter-icon Hunter Calculates how many creatures must be caught to attain any given level or experience.
Slayer-icon Slayer Calculates how much experience can be gained on a specific task.
Summoning-icon Summoning Calculates the experience needed for a certain level. Also takes in consideration the possible bonuses there are.
Thieving-icon Thieving Calculates the number of times one must pickpocket an NPC or collect Sq'irks.

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