Vis wax profit calculatorEdit

This calculator will find your approximate profit based on your input into the Rune Goldberg Machine. The calculator updates when you select the runes. The total quantity needed of each rune that you select is listed after each rune. The calculator will be the most accurate when you input your attempts and your expected Vis wax. If you would like to use a calculator that gives profit for always using the best runes(max vis wax) use Calculator:Rune Goldberg Machine.

Total Vis wax expected name=totalviswax|type=int|value=100|range=1,100
Tries name=attempts|type=int|value=1|range=1,100
Slot 1 type=select|name=r1|range=Unknown,Air,Water,Earth,Fire,Dust,Lava,Mist,Mud,Smoke,Steam,Mind,Body,Cosmic,Chaos,Nature,Law,Death,Astral,Blood,Soul|value=0|sublist=quantities,init|style=width:400; type=output|name=r1q
Slot 2 type=select|name=r2|range=Unknown,Air,Water,Earth,Fire,Dust,Lava,Mist,Mud,Smoke,Steam,Mind,Body,Cosmic,Chaos,Nature,Law,Death,Astral,Blood,Soul|value=0|sublist=quantities,init|style=width:400; type=output|name=r2q
Slot 3 type=select|name=r3|range=Unknown,Air,Water,Earth,Fire,Dust,Lava,Mist,Mud,Smoke,Steam,Mind,Body,Cosmic,Chaos,Nature,Law,Death,Astral,Blood,Soul|value=0|sublist=quantities,init|style=width:400; type=output|name=r3q

The current GE price for one vis wax is 6,901 coins.


let(output,"Loading...") get(Template:VisWaxTwo,output,r1,r2,r3,totalviswax,attempts)


get(Template:VisWaxTwo/quantity,r1q,attempts,r1) get(Template:VisWaxTwo/quantity,r2q,attempts,r2) get(Template:VisWaxTwo/quantity,r3q,attempts,r3)

Table of all runesEdit

This table can give you an idea of which runes might be more profitable.

RuneBase quantityAmount added Per TryPrice per RunePrice per TryTotal Base Price
Air rune Air rune100054422044,000
Water rune Water rune100052613026,000
Earth rune Earth rune100052010020,000
Fire rune Fire rune10005102510102,000
Dust rune Dust rune5002.54931,232.5246,500
Lava rune Lava rune5002.57621,905381,000
Mist rune Mist rune5002.55851,462.5292,500
Mud rune Mud rune3001.57741,161232,200
Smoke rune Smoke rune5002.57361,840368,000
Steam rune Steam rune5002.57271,817.5363,500
Mind rune Mind rune2000101818036,000
Body rune Body rune2000102828056,000
Cosmic rune Cosmic rune4002294588117,600
Chaos rune Chaos rune5002.510025050,000
Nature rune Nature rune3501.75369645.75129,150
Law rune Law rune3001.5424636127,200
Death rune Death rune400217034068,000
Astral rune Astral rune3001.5376564112,800
Blood rune Blood rune3501.756021,053.5210,700
Soul rune Soul rune3001.528843286,400

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