Pyre Logs Edit

This is based on the cost of cremating shade remains on pyre logs in the Shades of Mort'ton minigame. It is possible to make the pyre logs yourself by using sacred oil on a log. When cremating a shade, you also get a little bit of firemaking xp. It is assumed that the player gathers the shade remains and uses the highest level shade possible on each type of pyre log. The key and coin rewards received from cremating shades are not included in the calculations below.

Type of Log Level Cost XP for burning Coins per XP
Pyre logs Pyre logs 5 2133 46.5 45.87
Oak pyre logs Oak pyre logs 20 2302 46.5 49.51
Willow pyre logs Willow pyre logs 35 2101 59.5 35.31
Teak pyre logs Teak pyre logs 40 11013 59.5 185.09
Arctic pyre logs Arctic pyre logs 47 8892 59.5 149.45
Maple pyre logs Maple pyre logs 50 9288 59.5 156.1
Mahogany pyre logs Mahogany pyre logs 55 8632 59.5 145.08
Eucalyptus pyre logs Eucalyptus pyre logs 63 8157 82.5 98.87
Yew pyre logs Yew pyre logs 65 11177 82.5 135.48
Magic pyre logs Magic pyre logs 80 11226 100 112.26
Elder pyre logs Elder pyre logs 95 13178 101 130.48

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