This calculator calculates the profit from buying items with Runecrafting guild tokens.

  • It excludes non-tradeable items such as Runecrafting robes and Runecrafting Teleport Tablets.
  • Some items are members only. Non-members who are long term players may consider saving their tokens until they become members, even if they plan on joining for a month, doing "members stuff", then leaving, if a members item is currently worth considerably more per token than the best non-members item.
Item Tokens GE price Coins per token
Rune essence 1 40 40
Pure essence 1 22 22
Mind talisman 50 232 4.64
Body talisman 50 240 4.8
Air talisman 50 289 5.78
Earth talisman 50 1583 31.66
Fire talisman 50 1170 23.4
Water talisman 50 5602 112.04
Cosmic talisman 125 419 3.352
Chaos talisman 125 1313 10.504
Nature talisman 125 1177 9.416
Law talisman 125 785 6.28

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