This calculates the profit/loss of paying Thormac to change a battlestaff into a mystic staff. It normally costs 40,000 per conversion, but this is reduced to 27,000 when wearing a Seer's headband 3.

Battlestaff Battlestaff
staff cost
(no headband)
Air Air battlestaff8,193 Mystic air staff24,401 -23,792 -10,792
Water Water battlestaff8,206 Mystic water staff24,365 -23,841 -10,841
Earth Earth battlestaff8,236 Mystic earth staff24,314 -23,922 -10,922
Fire Fire battlestaff8,156 Mystic fire staff24,410 -23,746 -10,746
Lava Lava battlestaff9,178 Mystic lava staff47,716 -1,462 11,538
Mud Mud battlestaff35,744 Mystic mud staff71,999 -3,745 9,255
Steam Steam battlestaff42,336 Mystic steam staff95,362 13,026 26,026
*Note: You can buy up to 100 battlestaffs of a given type every 4 hours in the Grand Exchange.

Warning: do NOT expect any of these to be profitable. They normally sell for well below the GE asking price.

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