template = Calculator:Template/Mining
 form = Form
 result = jcQ_Result
 param = xporlvl1|Experience or level?|Level|select|Level,Experience
 param = curlvl|Current level/experience (per above choice)|1|int|0-200000000
 param = xporlvl2|Experience or level?|Level|select|Level,Experience
 param = trglvl|Target level/experience (per above choice)|2|int|0-200000000
 param = brawler|Using Brawling Gloves?|No|select|No,Yes,Wilderness
 param = gminingoutfit|Using the full Golden Mining Suit?|No|select|No,Yes
The form will appear here when it loads. If it fails you load, you can still calculate with the formulas given below.
  • This calculator will determine how many times you must mine an ore to reach a desired goal.
  • The calculator is assuming that you will only be mining one type of ore to reach your goal.
  • The Brawling gloves parameter has three options: No, Yes and Wilderness. The No option means you are not using them. The Yes option means you are using them outside the wilderness (1.5x bonus xp multiplier) and the Wilderness option means you are using them inside the wilderness (4x bonus xp multiplier).
  • The Golden mining suit is a reward from the Lava Flow Mine minigame, requiring 68 mining and gives 5% bonus xp.

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