This is a static calculator.
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This calculator calculates the profit (or loss) of casting Humidify on a full Inventory.

The inventory consists of at least one Astral rune and 27 items listed below.

A Mystic steam staff, Steam battlestaff, Mystical staff, Staff of limitless steam, Augmented staff of limitless steam or Elemental battlestaff has to be equipped.

Casting Humidify on 27 items
Invested Items Investment Produced Items Profit
Bowl -4,845 Bowl of water 1,311
Bucket -3,063 Bucket of water -228
Clay -9,354 Soft Clay 3,174
Jug -2,847 Jug of water -1,767
Vial -363 Vial of water 933
Waterskin (0) -1,065 Waterskin (4) 3,552