template  = :Calculators/Magic (advanced)/Basic Spellbook/temp
 form      = Form
 result    = Result
 param     = xplvlc|Calculate current level or XP?|Level|select|Level,Experience
 param     = nowxp|Your current level/XP (per above)|1|number|1-
 param     = xplvld|Calculate desired level or XP?|Level|select|Level,Experience
 param     = wantxp|Your desired level/XP (per above)|2|number|1-
 param     = useair|Use Air runes?|Yes|select|Yes,No
 param     = usewater|Use Water runes?|Yes|select|Yes,No
 param     = useearth|Use Earth runes?|Yes|select|Yes,No
 param     = usefire|Use Fire runes?|Yes|select|Yes,No
 param     = usemind|Use Mind runes?|Yes|select|Yes,No
 param     = usechaos|Use Chaos runes?|Yes|select|Yes,No
 param     = usedeath|Use Death runes?|Yes|select|Yes,No
 param     = useblood|Use Blood runes?|Yes|select|Yes,No
 param     = usebody|Use Body runes?|Yes|select|Yes,No
 param     = usesoul|Use Soul runes?|Yes|select|Yes,No
 param     = usecosmic|Use Cosmic runes?|Yes|select|Yes,No
 param     = uselaw|Use Law runes?|Yes|select|Yes,No
 param     = usenature|Use Nature runes?|Yes|select|Yes,No
The form will appear here when it loads. If it fails you load, you can still calculate with the formulas given below.
This Calculator is not working properly. needs checking
  • Use the various "use runes?" parameters if you are using an elemental staff, tome of frost, or simply don't want the cost of that rune figured into the equation.
  • The calculations are based on the assumption that the runes are bought in the Grand Exchange. The rune prices are real-time market prices obtained from the Grand Exchange Market Watch/Runecrafting.
  • This calculator will determine how many times you must cast a spell to reach your desired goal.
  • The calculator is assuming that you will only be casting one spell to reach your goal.
  • Some spells require other items such as a banana or an unpowered orb while others require the use of a certain staff in order for the spell to work. All of these items are NOT accounted for in the calculations.

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