The tables below list the costs of using the spells from an Ancient Magicks spellbook. All Magic spells from Ancient Magicks are members-only.

Smoke spellsEdit

Icon Spell Level Runes Cost
Smoke Rush Smoke Rush 50 1Death rune3Air rune 308
Smoke Burst Smoke Burst 62 2Death rune4Air rune 506
Smoke Blitz Smoke Blitz 74 1Blood rune5Air rune 843
Smoke Barrage Smoke Barrage 86 2Blood rune5Air rune 1,411

Shadow spellsEdit

Icon Spell Level Runes Cost
Shadow Rush Shadow Rush 52 1Death rune3Earth rune 203
Shadow Burst Shadow Burst 64 2Death rune4Earth rune 366
Shadow Blitz Shadow Blitz 76 1Blood rune5Earth rune 668
Shadow Barrage Shadow Barrage 88 2Blood rune5Earth rune 1,236

Blood spellsEdit

Icon Spell Level Runes Cost
Blood Rush Blood Rush 56 1Death rune3Fire rune 368
Blood Burst Blood Burst 68 2Death rune4Fire rune 586
Blood Blitz Blood Blitz 80 1Blood rune5Fire rune 943
Blood Barrage Blood Barrage 92 2Blood rune5Fire rune 1,511

Ice spellsEdit

Icon Spell Level Runes Cost
Ice Rush Ice Rush 58 1Death rune3Water rune 221
Ice Burst Ice Burst 70 2Death rune4Water rune 390
Ice Blitz Ice Blitz 82 1Blood rune5Water rune 698
Ice Barrage Ice Barrage 94 2Blood rune5Water rune 1,266

Teleport spellsEdit

Icon Spell Level Runes Cost
Paddewwa Teleport icon Paddewwa Teleport 54 2Law rune1Fire rune1Air rune 744
Senntisten Teleport icon Senntisten Teleport 60 1Soul rune2Law rune 1,046
Kharyrll Teleport icon Kharyrll Teleport 66 1Blood rune2Law rune 1,182
Lassar Teleport icon Lassar Teleport 72 2Law rune4Water rune 718
Dareeyak Teleport icon Dareeyak Teleport 78 2Law rune3Fire rune2Air rune 949
Carrallanger Teleport icon Carrallanger Teleport 84 2Soul rune2Law rune 1,478
Annakarl Teleport icon Annakarl Teleport 90 2Blood rune2Law rune 1,750
Ghorrock Teleport icon Ghorrock Teleport 96 2Law rune8Water rune 822