This page calculates the profits from buying item packs in shops, unpacking the items, and selling them on the Grand Exchange. For a list of where item packs are sold, see the main item pack article.

Icon Pack Quantity Number of packs
in all shops
Shop Price GE Price Profit/Loss
(per pack)
(all shops)
Raw bird meat pack Raw bird meat pack 50 Raw bird meat 6 3,150 6000 2,850 17,100
Empty sack pack Empty sack pack 50 Empty sacks 4 50 1400 1,350 5,400
Basket pack Basket pack 50 Baskets 4 50 300 250 1,000
Eye of newt pack Eye of newt pack 50 Eyes of newt 80 150 400 250 20,000
Vial pack Vial pack 50 Vials 70 250 50 -200 -14,000
Vial of water pack Vial of water pack 50 Vials of water 92 500 3200 2,700 248,400

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