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template  = User:CephHunter/Sandbox/test1
form      = herbIn
result    = herbOut
suggestns = 0
param     = hs|Player name||hs|currentHerbXP,16,2; currentHerbLVL,16,1
param     = currentHerbXP|Current level or experience<span title="Numbers between 1 and 120 will be treated as a lvl" style="font-size:11px; line-height:0px; vertical-align:super;"><a>(?)</a></span>|1|int|0-200000000
param     = goalHerbXP|Goal level or experience<span title="Numbers between 1 and 120 will be treated as a lvl" style="font-size:11px; line-height:0px; vertical-align:super;"><a>(?)</a></span>|2|int|0-200000000
param     = bonusXP|Bonus experience|0|int|0-200000000
param     = |||fixed
param     = |||fixed
param     = botanistPieces|<a href="">#Botanist's outfit pieces</a>||select|0 (+0%), 1 (+1%), 2 (+2%), 3 (+3%), 4 (+4%), 5 (+6%)
param     = pulseCore|<a href="">Advanced pulse core boost</a>||select|+0%,+2%,+4%,+6%,+8%,+10%
param     = wisePerk|<a href="">Wise perk rank</a>||select|0 (+0%), 1 (+1%), 2 (+2%), 3 (+3%)
param     = clanAva|<a href="">Clan avatar</a>||select|None (+0%), Same world (+3%), Within 10 steps (+6%)
param     = portableWell|<a href="">Portable well</a> (x1.1)|false|check
param     = panteonAura|<a href="">Desert pantheon aura</a> (+10%)|false|check
param     = wisdomAura|<a href="">Wisdom aura</a> (+2.5%)|false|check
param     = perfJuju|<a href="">Perfect juju herblore potion</a> (+5%)<span title="Only boosts xp for combination potions" style="font-size:11px; line-height:0px; vertical-align:super;"><a>(?)</a></span>|false|check
param     = customBoost|Custom XP boost<span title="This will overwrite all other selected xp boosts if different from 0" style="font-size:11px; line-height:0px; vertical-align:super;"><a>(?)</a></span>|0|number|
param     = |||fixed
param     = |||fixed
param     = bankTime|Time spend banking<span title="This is the time spent not cleaning herbs/making potions in seconds. The time it takes to make the product is already accounted for. Use 4 ticks (2.4 seconds) if on low latencey world, 6 ticks (3.6 seconds) or higher if on high latencency." style="font-size:11px; line-height:0px; vertical-align:super;"><a>(?)</a></span>|2.4|number|0-
param     = scrollOfCleansing|<a href="">Scroll of cleansing</a>|false|check
param     = useGrimyHerbs|Use grimy herbs when possible<span title="This only affects potions. By default clean herbs are used." style="font-size:11px; line-height:0px; vertical-align:super;"><a>(?)</a></span>|false|check
param     = unfPotions|Use unfinished potions when possible|false|check
param     = usePreciseVal|Show precise values|false|check
param     = category|Category||select|Herbs (Normal), Herbs (Herblore Habitat), Herbs (Dungeoneering), Herbs (All), Potions (Normal), Potions (Barbarian), Potions (Combination), Potions (Herblore Habitat), Potions (Dungeoneering), Potions (All), Show all

A calculator to calculate how many potions you need to get between a start and an end level or experience.

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A red background means you cannot clean/make the herb/potion at your level (note that boosting is not accounted for currently), a yellow background means you will unlock the herb/potion while training and a green background means you have the required level already.

When you have bonus xp active, the XP and XP/h column will display a second value in brackets, this is the xp drop/rate while you still have bonus xp left and the top value is the xp drop/rate you will get after you have used up all of your bonus xp.

The potion duplication effect of the portable well and the secondary ingredient saving effect of the scroll of cleaning are used in the profit calculations if they are selected.

The Extra info cell gives a breakdown of the prices of the used items. If an items price is 0 or N/A then this means the item is untradeable. In the case of extreme magic and super prayer, the closest tradeable items are used (mud rune for ground mud runes and wyvern bones for wyvern bonemeal, respectively) - these will then need to be processed to be used to make the potions.

Many potions have quest requirements and some are a little more complex to make than just putting a herb into a vial and a secondary into the same vial. Be sure to check the individual potion pages for detail requirements and instructions.

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