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 template  = Calculator:Template/Fishing (basic)
 form      = Form
 result    = Result
 param     = xplvlc|Calculate current level or XP?|Level|select|Level,Experience
 param     = nowxp|Your current level/XP (per above)|1|number|
 param     = xplvld|Calculate desired level or XP?|Level|select|Level,Experience
 param     = wantxp|Your desired level/XP (per above)|2|number|
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  • This calculator will determine how many fish you must catch to reach a desired level or experience amount.
  • The calculator is assuming that you will only be catching one type of fish to reach your goal.

This table will be replaced if you use the above calculator.

Fish XP GE price Bait Cost Profit Profit per XP
Seaweed 1272727
Raw shrimps 1034343.4
Raw crayfish 1048484.8
Raw karambwanji5000
Raw sardine 2059Fishing bait5542.7
Raw herring 3030Fishing bait5250.83
Raw anchovies 4014140.35
Raw mackerel 2021211.05
Raw trout 5027Feather46-19-0.38
Raw cod 4574741.64
Raw pike 6078Fishing bait5731.22
Slimy eel 65853Fishing bait584813.05
Raw salmon 7077Feather46310.44
Frog spawn 75000
Raw tuna 8071710.89
Raw rainbow fish 80162Stripy feather451171.46
Raw cave eel 80398Fishing bait53934.91
Raw lobster 901691691.88
Raw bass 803573574.46
Leaping trout 506Leaping510.02
Raw swordfish 1005485485.48
Raw lava eel 300Fishing bait5-5-0.17
Leaping salmon 7014Leaping590.13
Raw monkfish 1206746745.62
Raw karambwan 1052847Karambwanji2,84727.11
Leaping sturgeon 8097Leaping5921.15
Raw shark 11010621,0629.65
Raw sea turtle 3821252,12555.92
Raw manta ray 4620532,05344.63
Raw cavefish 3002356Fishing bait52,3517.84
Raw rocktail 3803218Living minerals2602,9587.78

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