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This is a list of all tradeable items that can give Stunning components with the effective cost per Stunning component.

  • The formula used to calculate cost per material is \frac{item quantity \times GE price}{matqty \times chance of mat}
    • where chance of mat = chance without junk \times (1 - junk chance)
  • GE prices may be inaccurate - we can't really do anything about that
  • Untradeable items are excluded, with some exceptions

In the table:

  • The raw chance column is the chance per non-junk material to get Stunning components when disassembling the item
  • The Avg. number column is the number of Stunning components you should expect when disassembling the item; this represents the junk chance and the number of materials in addition to the raw chance. It is listed as a percentage, to reduce decimal places needed.
    • For example, if an item has an average number of 0.13%, you should expect that you'll get 13 materials in 10,000 disassembles - or 0.13 per 100 disassembles, or 0.0013 per disassemble
  • The materials per hour column is based upon performing the ideal 3,000 disassembly actions per hour. In reality, it will probably be less due to connection latency, server latency, and human error. The column also makes no attempt to account for buy limits or availability.
  • The average number and cost is given for no junk reduction by default, but this can be changed with the following drop-down menu (requires Javascript):
Please enable javascript to be able to change the junk reduction used. Until then, the table displays values for no junk reduction only.

Total results: 138 (may be more or less rows)

JunkPrice per
Avg. numberCost per matMats per hour
Adamant 2h crossbow Adamant 2h crossbow1256.0%8,3101003%15.8%52,462474
50 × Adamant bolts 5 Adamant bolts678.0%10,65010,0003%3.96%268,939119
Adamant crossbow Adamant crossbow856.0%8,4671003%10.6%80,180318
Adamant crossbow (u) Adamant crossbow (u)467.0%2,1645003%3.96%54,646119
Adamant halberd Adamant halberd1256.0%14,1001002%10.6%133,523318
Adamantite limbs Adamantite limbs267.0%1,6125,0003%1.98%81,41459.4
Armadyl crossbow Armadyl crossbow84.2%3,473,72813%23.0%15,108,420690
50 × Ascendri bolts 4 Ascendri bolts650.5%486,40010,0003%8.91%5,459,035267
50 × Ascendri bolts (e) 4 Ascendri bolts (e)650.5%486,90010,0003%8.91%5,464,646267
50 × Ascension bolts 4 Ascension bolts650.5%5,00010,0003%8.91%56,117267
Ascension crossbow Ascension crossbow80.0%55,008,94123%24.0%229,203,921720
50 × Bakriminel bolts 5 Bakriminel bolts656.0%14,0501,0003%7.92%177,399238
Balmung Balmung1223.0%300,000N/A2%18.5%1,623,377555
50 × Barb bolttips Barb bolttips275.8%3,05010,0003%1.45%210,05543.5
50 × Barbed bolts 5 Barbed bolts698.9%3,00010,0003%0.20%1,515,1526
Black 2h crossbow Black 2h crossbow1272.5%21,7571003%9.90%219,768297
50 × Black bolts 5 Black bolts686.8%6,0001003%2.38%252,52571.4
50 × Black brutal 5 Black brutal689.0%4,2501,0003%1.98%214,64659.4
Black crossbow Black crossbow872.5%590,05423%6.60%8,940,212198
Black halberd Black halberd1272.5%6,5301002%6.60%98,939198
Black salamander Black salamander1223.0%8,3131,0003%27.7%29,989831
50 × Bolt rack 5 Bolt rack661.5%6,75010,0003%6.93%97,403208
50 × Bone bolts 5 Bone bolts684.6%95010,0003%2.77%34,27183.1
50 × Broad-tipped bolts 5 Broad-tipped bolts670.3%2,75010,0003%5.35%51,440160
Bronze 2h crossbow Bronze 2h crossbow1298.9%6961003%0.40%175,75812
50 × Bronze bolts 5 Bronze bolts698.9%1,30010,0003%0.20%656,5666
50 × Bronze bolts (unf) 5 Bronze bolts (unf)298.9%75010,0003%0.066%1,136,3641.98
Bronze crossbow Bronze crossbow898.9%1,3021003%0.26%493,1827.8
Bronze crossbow (u) Bronze crossbow (u)495.6%335003%0.53%6,25015.9
Bronze halberd Bronze halberd1298.9%1,1891002%0.26%450,3797.8
Bronze limbs Bronze limbs298.9%485,0003%0.066%72,7271.98
Crossbow Crossbow898.9%8031003%0.26%304,1677.8
Crystal halberd Crystal halberd1223.0%191,24322%18.5%1,034,865555
Demon slayer crossbow Demon slayer crossbow834.0%164,44213%15.8%1,038,144474
50 × Diamond bolts 5 Diamond bolts667.0%16,50025,0003%5.94%277,778178
50 × Diamond bolts (e) 5 Diamond bolts (e)661.5%16,85025,0003%6.93%243,146208
Dorgeshuun crossbow Dorgeshuun crossbow869.2%1,7801003%7.39%24,080222
Dragon 2h crossbow Dragon 2h crossbow1234.0%6,196,190103%23.8%26,078,241714
Dragon Rider lance Dragon Rider lance121.0%24,500,87122%23.8%103,118,144714
50 × Dragon bolts 5 Dragon bolts667.0%54,65025,0003%5.94%920,034178
50 × Dragon bolts (e) 5 Dragon bolts (e)661.5%16,10025,0003%6.93%232,323208
Dragon crossbow Dragon crossbow834.0%9,188,032103%15.8%58,005,253474
Dragon crossbow (u) Dragon crossbow (u)448.3%9,462,668103%6.20%152,525,274186
Dragon halberd Dragon halberd1234.0%207,770102%15.8%1,311,679474
Dragon limbs Dragon limbs234.0%9,960,719103%3.96%251,533,308119
50 × Emerald bolt tips 5 Emerald bolt tips284.6%1,75010,0003%0.92%189,39427.6
50 × Emerald bolts 5 Emerald bolts672.5%10,85025,0003%4.95%219,192148
50 × Emerald bolts (e) 5 Emerald bolts (e)667.0%14,50025,0003%5.94%244,108178
Guthix mjolnir Guthix mjolnir856.0%3,2341002%7.04%45,938211
Hand cannon Hand cannon124.2%257,046503%34.5%745,3201,035
50 × Hand cannon shot Hand cannon shot659.3%7,40010,0003%7.33%101,010220
Hunters' crossbow Hunters' crossbow845.0%3,1351003%13.2%23,750396
Iron 2h crossbow Iron 2h crossbow1289.0%8671003%3.96%21,894119
50 × Iron bolts 5 Iron bolts694.5%3,60025,0003%0.99%363,63629.7
50 × Iron bolts (unf) 5 Iron bolts (unf)295.6%55010,0003%0.26%208,3337.8
Iron crossbow Iron crossbow889.0%1,9801003%2.64%75,00079.2
Iron crossbow (u) Iron crossbow (u)479.1%405003%2.51%1,59575.3
Iron halberd Iron halberd1289.0%4891002%2.64%18,52379.2
Iron limbs Iron limbs289.0%785,0003%0.66%11,81819.8
50 × Jade bolt tips 5 Jade bolt tips293.4%35010,0003%0.40%88,38412
Karil's crossbow Karil's crossbow1223.0%2,214,447103%27.7%7,988,626831
Karil's off-hand pistol crossbow Karil's off-hand pistol crossbow823.0%458,8831003%18.5%2,483,133555
Karil's pistol crossbow Karil's pistol crossbow823.0%514,4941003%18.5%2,784,058555
50 × Kebbit bolts Kebbit bolts672.5%1,3001,0003%4.95%26,263148
50 × Long kebbit bolts Long kebbit bolts672.5%3,4501,0003%4.95%69,697148
Magic stock Magic stock248.3%2371,0003%3.10%7,64093
Mahogany stock Mahogany stock267.0%531,0003%1.98%2,67759.4
Maple stock Maple stock270.3%571,0003%1.78%3,19953.4
Mithril 2h crossbow Mithril 2h crossbow1267.0%4,2591003%11.9%35,850357
50 × Mithril bolts 5 Mithril bolts683.5%7,05010,0003%2.97%237,37489.1
50 × Mithril bolts (unf) 5 Mithril bolts (unf)285.7%4,80010,0003%0.86%559,44125.8
Mithril crossbow Mithril crossbow867.0%3,9931003%7.92%50,417238
Mithril crossbow (u) Mithril crossbow (u)470.3%4565003%3.56%12,795107
50 × Mithril grapple tip Mithril grapple tip284.6%8,8001003%0.92%952,38127.6
Mithril halberd Mithril halberd1267.0%11,3251002%7.92%142,992238
Mithril limbs Mithril limbs267.0%4515,0003%1.98%22,77859.4
Noxious scythe Noxious scythe120.0%262,434,53222%24.0%1,093,477,217720
Oak stock Oak stock286.8%141,0003%0.79%1,76823.7
Off-hand Armadyl crossbow Off-hand Armadyl crossbow84.2%4,659,92513%23.0%20,267,593690
Off-hand Ascension crossbow Off-hand Ascension crossbow80.0%56,613,15323%24.0%235,888,138720
Off-hand adamant crossbow Off-hand adamant crossbow856.0%7,9691003%10.6%75,464318
Off-hand black crossbow Off-hand black crossbow872.5%37,2631003%6.60%564,591198
Off-hand bronze crossbow Off-hand bronze crossbow898.9%5841003%0.26%221,2127.8
Off-hand demon slayer crossbow Off-hand demon slayer crossbow834.0%56,54413%15.8%356,970474
Off-hand dragon crossbow Off-hand dragon crossbow834.0%10,564,852103%15.8%66,697,298474
Off-hand iron crossbow Off-hand iron crossbow889.0%7871003%2.64%29,81179.2
Off-hand mithril crossbow Off-hand mithril crossbow867.0%3,8931003%7.92%49,154238
Off-hand rune crossbow Off-hand rune crossbow845.0%10,4501003%13.2%79,167396
Off-hand steel crossbow Off-hand steel crossbow878.0%1,2161003%5.28%23,030158
50 × Onyx bolt tips 5 Onyx bolt tips280.2%326,30010,0003%1.19%27,466,33035.7
50 × Onyx bolts 5 Onyx bolts661.5%386,00025,0003%6.93%5,569,986208
50 × Onyx bolts (e) 5 Onyx bolts (e)656.0%394,65025,0003%7.92%4,982,955238
50 × Opal bolt tips 5 Opal bolt tips297.8%20010,0003%0.13%151,5153.9
50 × Opal bolts 5 Opal bolts694.5%1,45025,0003%0.99%146,46529.7
50 × Opal bolts (e) 5 Opal bolts (e)689.0%1,05025,0003%1.98%53,03059.4
Orange salamander Orange salamander1245.0%1,9961,0003%19.8%10,081594
50 × Pearl bolts 5 Pearl bolts689.0%2,70025,0003%1.98%136,36459.4
50 × Pearl bolts (e) 5 Pearl bolts (e)683.5%2,25025,0003%2.97%75,75889.1
Red salamander Red salamander1234.0%4,5521,0003%23.8%19,158714
50 × Royal bolts 5 Royal bolts656.0%2,15010,0003%7.92%27,146238
50 × Ruby bolt tips 5 Ruby bolt tips283.5%2,00010,0003%0.99%202,02029.7
50 × Ruby bolts 5 Ruby bolts672.5%13,40025,0003%4.95%270,707148
50 × Ruby bolts (e) 5 Ruby bolts (e)667.0%11,35025,0003%5.94%191,077178
Rune 2h crossbow Rune 2h crossbow1245.0%7,3871003%19.8%37,308594
Rune crossbow Rune crossbow845.0%8,3961003%13.2%63,606396
Rune halberd Rune halberd1245.0%73,7611002%13.2%558,795396
50 × Runite bolts 5 Runite bolts672.5%47,20010,0003%4.95%953,535148
50 × Runite bolts (unf) 5 Runite bolts (unf)275.8%46,15010,0003%1.45%3,178,37543.5
Runite crossbow (u) Runite crossbow (u)462.6%8,8965003%4.49%198,217135
Runite limbs Runite limbs245.0%8,5335,0003%3.30%258,57699
50 × Sapphire bolt tips 5 Sapphire bolt tips284.6%1,45010,0003%0.92%156,92627.6
50 × Sapphire bolts 5 Sapphire bolts678.0%5,75025,0003%3.96%145,202119
50 × Sapphire bolts (e) 5 Sapphire bolts (e)672.5%5,75025,0003%4.95%116,162148
Saradomin mjolnir Saradomin mjolnir856.0%11,5301002%7.04%163,778211
50 × Silver bolts 5 Silver bolts686.8%1,15010,0003%2.38%48,40171.4
50 × Silver bolts (unf) 5 Silver bolts (unf)298.9%20010,0003%0.066%303,0301.98
Steel 2h crossbow Steel 2h crossbow1278.0%1,2741003%7.92%16,086238
50 × Steel bolts 5 Steel bolts689.0%5,05010,0003%1.98%255,05159.4
50 × Steel bolts (unf) 5 Steel bolts (unf)691.2%2,35010,0003%1.58%148,35947.4
Steel crossbow Steel crossbow878.0%2,0651003%5.28%39,110158
Steel crossbow (u) Steel crossbow (u)474.7%1125003%3.04%3,68991.2
Steel halberd Steel halberd1278.0%3,4161002%5.28%64,697158
Steel limbs Steel limbs278.0%1715,0003%1.32%12,95539.6
Swamp lizard Swamp lizard1267.0%2,7902,0003%11.9%23,485357
Teak stock Teak stock274.7%271,0003%1.52%1,77945.6
50 × Topaz bolt tips 5 Topaz bolt tips286.8%1,75010,0003%0.79%220,96023.7
50 × Topaz bolts 5 Topaz bolts683.5%5,55025,0003%2.97%186,86989.1
50 × Topaz bolts (e) 5 Topaz bolts (e)678.0%3,05025,0003%3.96%77,020119
50 × Unfinished broad bolts 5 Unfinished broad bolts286.8%1,00010,0003%0.79%126,26323.7
White halberd White halberd1272.5%3,2511002%6.60%49,258198
Willow stock Willow stock279.1%211,0003%1.25%1,67537.5
Wooden stock Wooden stock295.6%61,0003%0.26%2,2737.8
Wyvern crossbow Wyvern crossbow121.0%28,204,700103%35.6%79,137,7671,068
50 × Wyvern spines 5 Wyvern spines653.8%15,050Unknown3%8.32%180,976250
Yew stock Yew stock262.6%1891,0003%2.24%8,42267.2
Zamorak mjolnir Zamorak mjolnir856.0%175,0141002%7.04%2,485,994211

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