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This is a list of all tradeable items that can give Precise components with the effective cost per Precise component.

  • The formula used to calculate cost per material is $ \frac{item quantity \times GE price}{matqty \times chance of mat} $
    • where $ chance of mat = chance without junk \times (1 - junk chance) $
  • GE prices may be inaccurate - we can't really do anything about that
  • Untradeable items are excluded, with some exceptions

In the table:

  • The raw chance column is the chance per non-junk material to get Precise components when disassembling the item
  • The Avg. number column is the number of Precise components you should expect when disassembling the item; this represents the junk chance and the number of materials in addition to the raw chance. It is listed as a percentage, to reduce decimal places needed.
    • For example, if an item has an average number of 0.13%, you should expect that you'll get 13 materials in 10,000 disassembles - or 0.13 per 100 disassembles, or 0.0013 per disassemble
  • The materials per hour column is based upon performing the ideal 3,000 disassembly actions per hour. In reality, it will probably be less due to connection latency, server latency, and human error. The column also makes no attempt to account for buy limits or availability.
  • The average number and cost is given for no junk reduction by default, but this can be changed with the following drop-down menu (requires Javascript):
Please enable javascript to be able to change the junk reduction used. Until then, the table displays values for no junk reduction only.

Total results: 189 (may be more or less rows)

JunkPrice per
Avg. numberCost per matMats per hour
Abyssal wand Abyssal wand84.2%89,83753%23.0%390,732690
50 × Adamant arrow 5 Adamant arrow678.0%2,50010,0003%3.96%63,131119
50 × Adamant arrowheads 5 Adamant arrowheads278.0%8,55010,0003%1.32%647,72739.6
50 × Adamant brutal 5 Adamant brutal678.0%22,0501,0003%3.96%556,818119
Adamant dagger Adamant dagger856.0%2,6671,0003%10.6%25,256318
50 × Adamant fire arrows (lit) 5 Adamant fire arrows (lit)678.0%16,10010,0003%3.96%406,566119
50 × Adamant fire arrows (unlit) 5 Adamant fire arrows (unlit)678.0%12,75010,0003%3.96%321,970119
Adamant hasta Adamant hasta856.0%3,7701,0003%10.6%35,701318
Adamant spear Adamant spear1256.0%7,1301,0003%15.8%45,013474
Adamant sword Adamant sword856.0%2,6571,0003%10.6%25,161318
Ahrim's wand Ahrim's wand823.0%590,1981003%18.5%3,193,712555
Apprentice wand Apprentice wand845.0%125,211103%13.2%948,568396
50 × Araxyte arrow 5 Araxyte arrow650.5%9,00010,0003%8.91%101,010267
50 × Arrow shaft 5 Arrow shaft298.9%40020,0003%0.066%606,0611.98
Barb-tail harpoon Barb-tail harpoon898.9%2181003%0.26%82,5767.8
Batwing wand Batwing wand867.0%2,8661003%7.92%36,187238
Beginner wand Beginner wand850.5%83,078103%11.9%699,310357
Black dagger Black dagger872.5%1,9051,0003%6.60%28,864198
Black spear Black spear1272.5%2,2281,0003%9.90%22,505297
Black sword Black sword872.5%3,1391,0003%6.60%47,561198
Blade of Avaryss Blade of Avaryss81.0%558,96123%23.8%2,352,529714
Blade of Nymora Blade of Nymora81.0%782,71423%23.8%3,294,251714
Bone dagger Bone dagger898.9%2,3481003%0.26%889,3947.8
Bone spear Bone spear1298.9%1,5371003%0.40%388,13112
Brackish blade Brackish blade834.0%116,759103%15.8%737,115474
50 × Broad arrow 5 Broad arrow672.5%6,350N/A3%4.95%128,283148
50 × Broad arrowheads 5 Broad arrowheads272.5%3,45010,0003%1.65%209,09149.5
50 × Bronze arrow 5 Bronze arrow698.9%1,00010,0003%0.20%505,0516
50 × Bronze arrowheads 5 Bronze arrowheads298.9%45010,0003%0.066%681,8181.98
50 × Bronze brutal 5 Bronze brutal697.8%1,7001,0003%0.40%429,29312
Bronze dagger Bronze dagger898.9%4811,0003%0.26%182,1977.8
50 × Bronze fire arrows (lit) 5 Bronze fire arrows (lit)698.9%14,40010,0003%0.20%7,272,7276
50 × Bronze fire arrows (unlit) 5 Bronze fire arrows (unlit)698.9%7,00010,0003%0.20%3,535,3546
Bronze hasta Bronze hasta898.9%2441,0003%0.26%92,4247.8
Bronze spear Bronze spear1298.9%2,2521,0003%0.40%568,68712
Bronze sword Bronze sword898.9%4881,0003%0.26%184,8487.8
Comp ogre bow Comp ogre bow1267.0%1,7711003%11.9%14,907357
Corrupt Vesta's spear Corrupt Vesta's spear1278.0%73,015103%7.92%921,907238
Corrupt dragon dagger Corrupt dragon dagger834.0%90,614103%15.8%572,058474
Corrupt dragon spear Corrupt dragon spear1234.0%1,914,985103%23.8%8,059,701714
Crystal bow Crystal bow1223.0%222,84223%27.7%803,903831
Crystal dagger Crystal dagger823.0%143,79023%18.5%778,084555
Crystal wand Crystal wand823.0%143,91123%18.5%778,739555
50 × Dark arrow 5 Dark arrow661.5%1,45010,0003%6.93%20,924208
50 × Dark arrowheads 5 Dark arrowheads261.5%10,75010,0003%2.31%465,36869.3
Dark bow Dark bow1223.0%71,609103%27.7%258,330831
Decimation Decimation120.6%25,923,90323%35.8%72,445,5151,074
50 × Dragon arrow 5 Dragon arrow667.0%11,75010,0003%5.94%197,811178
50 × Dragon arrowheads 5 Dragon arrowheads275.8%14,80010,0003%1.45%1,019,28443.5
Dragon dagger Dragon dagger834.0%16,456103%15.8%103,889474
50 × Dragon fire arrows (lit) 5 Dragon fire arrows (lit)667.0%101,25010,0003%5.94%1,704,545178
50 × Dragon fire arrows (unlit) 5 Dragon fire arrows (unlit)667.0%93,35010,0003%5.94%1,571,549178
Dragon hasta Dragon hasta834.0%28,729103%15.8%181,370474
Dragon spear Dragon spear1234.0%35,008103%23.8%147,340714
Drygore rapier Drygore rapier80.0%10,343,43513%24.0%43,097,646720
Egg whisk Egg whisk898.9%201003%0.26%7,5767.8
Elder shieldbow Elder shieldbow1234.0%3,5355,0003%23.8%14,878714
Elder shieldbow (u) Elder shieldbow (u)448.3%5,44610,0003%6.20%87,782186
Elder shortbow Elder shortbow1234.0%3,3565,0003%23.8%14,125714
Elder shortbow (u) Elder shortbow (u)450.5%5,70610,0003%5.94%96,061178
Grifolic wand Grifolic wand834.0%33,6051003%15.8%212,153474
Guthan's warspear Guthan's warspear1223.0%2,307,709103%27.7%8,325,069831
50 × Guthix arrows 5 Guthix arrows645.0%4,3001,0003%9.90%43,434297
Guthix bow Guthix bow1239.5%495,42523%21.8%2,274,679654
50 × Headless arrow 5 Headless arrow298.9%2,90020,0003%0.066%4,393,9391.98
Hexhunter bow Hexhunter bow122.3%146,787,28923%35.2%417,341,3201,056
Imp horn wand Imp horn wand889.0%9971003%2.64%37,76579.2
50 × Iron arrow 5 Iron arrow694.5%50010,0003%0.99%50,50529.7
50 × Iron arrowheads 5 Iron arrowheads294.5%45010,0003%0.33%136,3649.9
50 × Iron brutal 5 Iron brutal694.5%1,0001,0003%0.99%101,01029.7
Iron dagger Iron dagger889.0%6601,0003%2.64%25,00079.2
50 × Iron fire arrows (lit) 5 Iron fire arrows (lit)694.5%24,20010,0003%0.99%2,444,44429.7
50 × Iron fire arrows (unlit) 5 Iron fire arrows (unlit)694.5%19,55010,0003%0.99%1,974,74729.7
Iron hasta Iron hasta889.0%591,0003%2.64%2,23579.2
Iron spear Iron spear1289.0%3,8891,0003%3.96%98,207119
Iron sword Iron sword889.0%8431,0003%2.64%31,93279.2
Khopesh of Elidinis Khopesh of Elidinis80.0%277,016,57223%24.0%1,154,235,717720
Khopesh of Tumeken Khopesh of Tumeken80.0%271,555,62623%24.0%1,131,481,775720
Khopesh of the Kharidian Khopesh of the Kharidian81.7%718,04223%23.6%3,043,583708
Kitchen knife Kitchen knife856.0%6,7521003%10.6%63,939318
Korasi's sword Korasi's sword84.2%500,000N/A3%23.0%2,174,669690
Leaf-bladed sword Leaf-bladed sword839.5%39,4411003%14.5%271,632435
50 × Lit dark fire arrows 5 Lit dark fire arrows661.5%18,70010,0003%6.93%269,841208
Magic composite bow Magic composite bow1245.0%335,31823%19.8%1,693,525594
Magic shieldbow Magic shieldbow1245.0%9095,0003%19.8%4,591594
Magic shieldbow (u) Magic shieldbow (u)453.8%52910,0003%5.54%9,542166
Magic shortbow Magic shortbow1245.0%8845,0003%19.8%4,465594
Magic shortbow (u) Magic shortbow (u)456.0%50010,0003%5.28%9,470158
Maple shieldbow Maple shieldbow1267.0%3745,0003%11.9%3,148357
Maple shieldbow (u) Maple shieldbow (u)470.3%9910,0003%3.56%2,778107
Maple shortbow Maple shortbow1267.0%4495,0003%11.9%3,779357
Maple shortbow (u) Maple shortbow (u)472.5%12810,0003%3.30%3,87999
Master wand Master wand834.0%361,121103%15.8%2,279,804474
50 × Mithril arrow 5 Mithril arrow683.5%1,10010,0003%2.97%37,03789.1
50 × Mithril arrowheads 5 Mithril arrowheads283.5%3,85010,0003%0.99%388,88929.7
50 × Mithril brutal 5 Mithril brutal687.9%23,8501,0003%2.18%1,095,04165.4
Mithril dagger Mithril dagger867.0%1,7101,0003%7.92%21,591238
50 × Mithril fire arrows (lit) 5 Mithril fire arrows (lit)683.5%3,85010,0003%2.97%129,63089.1
50 × Mithril fire arrows (unlit) 5 Mithril fire arrows (unlit)683.5%45010,0003%2.97%15,15289.1
Mithril hasta Mithril hasta867.0%8371,0003%7.92%10,568238
Mithril spear Mithril spear1267.0%5,6991,0003%11.9%47,971357
Mithril sword Mithril sword867.0%1,7171,0003%7.92%21,679238
Mizuyari Mizuyari121.0%34,844,7211003%35.6%97,768,5771,068
Mystic wand Mystic wand845.0%9,0511003%13.2%68,568396
Noose wand Noose wand1298.9%1611003%0.40%40,65712
Noxious longbow Noxious longbow120.0%137,818,59523%36.0%382,829,4311,080
Oak shieldbow Oak shieldbow1289.0%3635,0003%3.96%9,167119
Oak shieldbow (u) Oak shieldbow (u)486.8%3910,0003%1.58%2,46247.4
Oak shortbow Oak shortbow1289.0%4465,0003%3.96%11,263119
Oak shortbow (u) Oak shortbow (u)489.0%6010,0003%1.32%4,54539.6
Off-hand adamant dagger Off-hand adamant dagger856.0%1,7941,0003%10.6%16,989318
Off-hand adamant sword Off-hand adamant sword856.0%2,6501,0003%10.6%25,095318
Off-hand black dagger Off-hand black dagger872.5%6971,0003%6.60%10,561198
Off-hand black sword Off-hand black sword872.5%7491,0003%6.60%11,348198
Off-hand bronze dagger Off-hand bronze dagger898.9%1001,0003%0.26%37,8797.8
Off-hand bronze sword Off-hand bronze sword898.9%1381,0003%0.26%52,2737.8
Off-hand crystal dagger Off-hand crystal dagger823.0%135,93223%18.5%735,563555
Off-hand dragon dagger Off-hand dragon dagger834.0%25,107103%15.8%158,504474
Off-hand drygore rapier Off-hand drygore rapier80.0%15,841,01213%24.0%66,004,217720
Off-hand iron dagger Off-hand iron dagger889.0%4021,0003%2.64%15,22779.2
Off-hand iron sword Off-hand iron sword889.0%4401,0003%2.64%16,66779.2
Off-hand khopesh of the Kharidian Off-hand khopesh of the Kharidian81.7%1,586,85623%23.6%6,726,246708
Off-hand leaf-bladed sword Off-hand leaf-bladed sword839.5%39,4001003%14.5%271,350435
Off-hand mithril dagger Off-hand mithril dagger867.0%6061,0003%7.92%7,652238
Off-hand mithril sword Off-hand mithril sword867.0%1,6901,0003%7.92%21,338238
Off-hand rune dagger Off-hand rune dagger845.0%3,7001003%13.2%28,030396
Off-hand rune sword Off-hand rune sword845.0%11,2901003%13.2%85,530396
Off-hand steel dagger Off-hand steel dagger878.0%4121,0003%5.28%7,803158
Off-hand steel sword Off-hand steel sword878.0%1,1711,0003%5.28%22,178158
50 × Ogre arrow 5 Ogre arrow683.5%3,7001,0003%2.97%124,57989.1
50 × Rune arrow 5 Rune arrow672.5%7,55010,0003%4.95%152,525148
50 × Rune arrowheads 5 Rune arrowheads272.5%10,40010,0003%1.65%630,30349.5
50 × Rune brutal 5 Rune brutal676.9%48,8001,0003%4.16%1,173,641125
Rune dagger Rune dagger845.0%3,9541003%13.2%29,955396
50 × Rune fire arrows (lit) 5 Rune fire arrows (lit)672.5%46,30010,0003%4.95%935,354148
50 × Rune fire arrows (unlit) 5 Rune fire arrows (unlit)672.5%41,90010,0003%4.95%846,465148
Rune hasta Rune hasta845.0%15,7761003%13.2%119,515396
Rune spear Rune spear1245.0%11,2061003%19.8%56,596594
Rune sword Rune sword845.0%11,2261003%13.2%85,045396
50 × Saradomin arrows 5 Saradomin arrows645.0%4,0001,0003%9.90%40,404297
Saradomin bow Saradomin bow1239.5%450,49123%21.8%2,068,370654
Second-Age bow Second-Age bow122.3%103,363,86623%35.2%293,881,1161,056
Seercull Seercull1245.0%36,4371003%19.8%184,025594
Seismic wand Seismic wand80.0%101,500,25113%24.0%422,917,712720
Seren godbow Seren godbow120.0%929,932,65823%36.0%2,583,146,2721,080
Shieldbow Shieldbow1298.9%7405,0003%0.40%186,86912
Shieldbow (u) Shieldbow (u)494.5%2910,0003%0.66%4,39419.8
Shortbow Shortbow1298.9%7045,0003%0.40%177,77812
Shortbow (u) Shortbow (u)498.9%8410,0003%0.13%63,6363.9
Spider wand Spider wand878.0%1,8671003%5.28%35,360158
Splitbark wand Splitbark wand856.0%9,7641003%10.6%92,462318
Spork Spork889.0%6711003%2.64%25,41779.2
50 × Steel arrow 5 Steel arrow689.0%80010,0003%1.98%40,40459.4
50 × Steel arrowheads 5 Steel arrowheads289.0%2,35010,0003%0.66%356,06119.8
50 × Steel brutal 5 Steel brutal692.3%1,2501,0003%1.39%90,18841.7
Steel dagger Steel dagger878.0%1,1081,0003%5.28%20,985158
50 × Steel fire arrows (lit) 5 Steel fire arrows (lit)698.9%25,85010,0003%0.20%13,055,5566
50 × Steel fire arrows (unlit) 5 Steel fire arrows (unlit)689.0%21,35010,0003%1.98%1,078,28359.4
Steel hasta Steel hasta878.0%1821,0003%5.28%3,447158
Steel spear Steel spear1278.0%4,5671,0003%7.92%57,664238
Steel sword Steel sword878.0%1,1521,0003%5.28%21,818158
Teacher wand Teacher wand839.5%1,389,134103%14.5%9,567,039435
Toktz-xil-ak Toktz-xil-ak834.0%21,924103%15.8%138,409474
Toktz-xil-ek Toktz-xil-ek834.0%13,387103%15.8%84,514474
50 × Unlit dark fire arrows 5 Unlit dark fire arrows661.5%70010,0003%6.93%10,101208
Vesta's spear Vesta's spear123.0%19,592,246103%34.9%56,106,0881,047
Virtus wand Virtus wand82.3%2,730,33753%23.4%11,644,221702
Wand of the Cywir elders Wand of the Cywir elders81.0%10,546,60923%23.8%44,388,085714
Wand of the praesul Wand of the praesul80.0%882,391,33013%24.0%3,676,630,542720
Wand of treachery Wand of treachery823.0%52,3121003%18.5%283,074555
White dagger White dagger872.5%1,1221003%6.60%17,000198
White sword White sword872.5%3,5391003%6.60%53,621198
50 × Wild arrow 5 Wild arrow653.8%4,50010,0003%8.32%54,113250
Willow composite bow Willow composite bow1278.0%429,24123%7.92%5,419,710238
Willow shieldbow Willow shieldbow1278.0%2555,0003%7.92%3,220238
Willow shieldbow (u) Willow shieldbow (u)478.0%5010,0003%2.64%1,89479.2
Willow shortbow Willow shortbow1278.0%3315,0003%7.92%4,179238
Willow shortbow (u) Willow shortbow (u)481.3%7310,0003%2.24%3,25367.2
Wizard wand Wizard wand898.9%5201003%0.26%196,9707.8
50 × Wolf bone arrowheads 5 Wolf bone arrowheads298.9%8001,0003%0.066%1,212,1211.98
Yew composite bow Yew composite bow1256.0%328,55823%15.8%2,074,230474
Yew shieldbow Yew shieldbow1256.0%4825,0003%15.8%3,043474
Yew shieldbow (u) Yew shieldbow (u)461.5%19610,0003%4.62%4,242139
Yew shortbow Yew shortbow1256.0%5405,0003%15.8%3,409474
Yew shortbow (u) Yew shortbow (u)464.8%24410,0003%4.22%5,777127
50 × Zamorak arrows 5 Zamorak arrows645.0%4,2001,0003%9.90%42,424297
Zamorak bow Zamorak bow1239.5%464,91023%21.8%2,134,573654
Zamorakian spear Zamorakian spear124.2%1,201,563103%34.5%3,484,0031,035
Zaryte bow Zaryte bow122.3%6,844,88223%35.2%19,461,1681,056