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The information contained within should not be considered fully accurate and/or complete.

This is a list of all tradeable items that can give Knightly components with the effective cost per Knightly component. As this is a 'rare'/'special' material, it is received independently of the item's junk chance, so only one effective cost column is required.

  • The formula used to calculate cost per material is item quantity \times GE price \div material quantity
    • As mentioned above, rare/special components are received independent of junk chance, so that does not factor in to the cost
    • Once special chances are more reliably known, they will be incorporated into the calculator
  • GE prices may be inaccurate - we can't really do anything about that
  • Untradeable items are excluded, with some exceptions

Total results: 62

ItemNumber of
ChanceJunkPrice eachBuy limitEffective cost
Black 2h crossbow Black 2h crossbow1100%72.5%21,75710021,757
Black 2h sword Black 2h sword1100%72.5%2,1281002,128
Black battleaxe Black battleaxe1100%72.5%3,5211003,521
Black boots Black boots1100%72.5%1,1431001,143
50 × Black brutal 5 Black brutal1100%89.0%851,0004,250
Black chainbody Black chainbody1100%72.5%2,3861002,386
Black claw Black claw1100%72.5%2,9921002,992
Black dagger Black dagger1100%72.5%1,2411001,241
50 × Black dart Black dart1100%72.5%1,1981,50059,900
Black full helm Black full helm1100%72.5%1,1971001,197
Black full helm (t) Black full helm (t)1100%72.5%27,683227,683
Black gauntlets Black gauntlets1100%72.5%4,677104,677
Black halberd Black halberd1100%72.5%6,5301006,530
Black hatchet Black hatchet1100%72.5%1,5081001,508
Black helm Black helm1100%72.5%1,6281001,628
Black kiteshield Black kiteshield1100%72.5%3,1241003,124
50 × Black knife Black knife1100%72.5%19910,0009,950
Black longsword Black longsword1100%72.5%1,1411001,141
Black mace Black mace1100%72.5%2,6811002,681
Black platebody Black platebody1100%72.5%1,9315001,931
Black platelegs Black platelegs1100%72.5%3,3891003,389
Black scimitar Black scimitar1100%72.5%2,9761002,976
Black spear Black spear1100%72.5%1,1191001,119
Black sq shield Black sq shield1100%72.5%1,3011001,301
Black sword Black sword1100%72.5%2,7241002,724
Black warhammer Black warhammer1100%72.5%1,5561001,556
Elite black full helm Elite black full helm1100%56.0%22,0421022,042
Elite black platebody Elite black platebody1100%56.0%39,7751039,775
Elite black platelegs Elite black platelegs1100%56.0%39,3151039,315
Off-hand black battleaxe Off-hand black battleaxe1100%72.5%1,8321001,832
Off-hand black claw Off-hand black claw1100%72.5%1,2991001,299
Off-hand black crossbow Off-hand black crossbow1100%72.5%37,26310037,263
Off-hand black dagger Off-hand black dagger1100%72.5%495100495
50 × Off-hand black dart Off-hand black dart1100%72.5%901,5004,500
50 × Off-hand black knife Off-hand black knife1100%72.5%7910,0003,950
Off-hand black longsword Off-hand black longsword1100%72.5%808100808
Off-hand black mace Off-hand black mace1100%72.5%3,0721003,072
Off-hand black scimitar Off-hand black scimitar1100%72.5%1,1941001,194
Off-hand black sword Off-hand black sword1100%72.5%407100407
Off-hand black warhammer Off-hand black warhammer1100%72.5%603100603
Off-hand white claw Off-hand white claw1100%72.5%2,4011002,401
White 2h sword White 2h sword1100%72.5%6,5831006,583
White battleaxe White battleaxe1100%72.5%2,7721002,772
White boots White boots1100%72.5%1,5161001,516
White chainbody White chainbody1100%72.5%1,5581001,558
White claw White claw1100%72.5%4,4621004,462
White dagger White dagger1100%72.5%990100990
White full helm White full helm1100%72.5%4,0251004,025
White gloves White gloves1100%72.5%2,2131002,213
White halberd White halberd1100%72.5%3,2511003,251
White helm White helm1100%72.5%1,4661001,466
White kiteshield White kiteshield1100%72.5%5,2441005,244
White longsword White longsword1100%72.5%5,6861005,686
White mace White mace1100%72.5%791100791
White magic staff White magic staff1100%72.5%4,6651004,665
White platebody White platebody1100%72.5%11,10010011,100
White platelegs White platelegs1100%72.5%4,0551004,055
White plateskirt White plateskirt1100%72.5%3,4431003,443
White scimitar White scimitar1100%72.5%2,8611002,861
White sq shield White sq shield1100%72.5%1,9381001,938
White sword White sword1100%72.5%3,3261003,326
White warhammer White warhammer1100%72.5%1,7521001,752

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