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This is a semi-curated list of tradeable items that give junk.

  • Items chosen are in the category Category:Disassembly junk calculator. The conditions to be added to this category are:
  • The formula used to calculate cost per junk is \frac{item quantity \times GE price}{matqty \times junk chance}
  • GE prices may be inaccurate - we can't really do anything about that
  • Untradeable items are excluded, with some exceptions

In the table:

  • The materials per hour column is based upon performing the ideal 3,000 disassembly actions per hour. In reality, it will probably be less due to connection latency, server latency, and human error. The column also makes no attempt to account for buy limits or availability.
  • The average number and cost is given for no junk reduction by default, but this can be changed with the following drop-down menu (requires Javascript):
Please enable javascript to be able to change the junk reduction used. Until then, the table displays values for no junk reduction only.

Total results: 200 (may be more or less rows)

JunkPrice per
Junk per
Cost per junkJunk per hour
Adamant 2h crossbow Adamant 2h crossbow1256.0%8,5471006.721,27220,160
Adamant 2h sword Adamant 2h sword1256.0%6,1911006.7292120,160
Adamant halberd Adamant halberd1256.0%14,2661006.722,12320,160
Adamant spear Adamant spear1256.0%6,5941006.7298120,160
Air battlestaff Air battlestaff1267.0%8,1261008.041,01124,120
50 × Air rune Air rune898.9%2,20025,0007.91227823,736
Barb-tail harpoon Barb-tail harpoon898.9%1071007.91213.5223,736
Battlestaff Battlestaff1267.0%6,8391,0008.0485124,120
Black 2h crossbow Black 2h crossbow1272.5%22,7581008.72,61626,100
Black 2h sword Black 2h sword1272.5%1,9591008.722526,100
Black flowers Black flowers898.9%1,5221007.91219223,736
Black halberd Black halberd1272.5%6,5301008.775126,100
Black robe skirt Black robe skirt898.9%4061007.91251.3123,736
Black robe top Black robe top898.9%3501007.91244.2423,736
Black spear Black spear1272.5%1,1691008.713426,100
Blue flowers Blue flowers898.9%2,0231,0007.91225623,736
Body body Body body898.9%4,8181007.91260923,736
Body shield Body shield898.9%8,6641007.9121,09523,736
Bone club Bone club898.9%8671007.91211023,736
Bone dagger Bone dagger898.9%2,3131007.91229223,736
Bone spear Bone spear1298.9%1,45310011.86812235,604
Bronze 2h crossbow Bronze 2h crossbow1298.9%69610011.86858.6535,604
Bronze 2h sword Bronze 2h sword1298.9%68810011.86857.9735,604
Bronze battleaxe Bronze battleaxe898.9%2031007.91225.6623,736
Bronze chainbody Bronze chainbody898.9%3211007.91240.5723,736
Bronze claw Bronze claw898.9%6641007.91283.9223,736
Bronze crossbow Bronze crossbow898.9%1,3331007.91216823,736
Bronze dagger Bronze dagger898.9%1991007.91225.1523,736
50 × Bronze dart Bronze dart898.9%2,6001,5007.91232923,736
Bronze halberd Bronze halberd1298.9%1,18910011.86810035,604
Bronze hasta Bronze hasta898.9%2091007.91226.4223,736
Bronze hatchet Bronze hatchet898.9%2241007.91228.3123,736
50 × Bronze javelin Bronze javelin898.9%8501,0007.91210723,736
Bronze kiteshield Bronze kiteshield898.9%3661007.91246.2623,736
50 × Bronze knife Bronze knife898.9%1,10010,0007.91213923,736
Bronze longsword Bronze longsword898.9%3421007.91243.2323,736
Bronze mace Bronze mace898.9%1731007.91221.8723,736
Bronze pickaxe Bronze pickaxe898.9%5811007.91273.4323,736
Bronze platebody Bronze platebody898.9%2471007.91231.2223,736
Bronze platelegs Bronze platelegs898.9%4401007.91255.6123,736
Bronze plateskirt Bronze plateskirt898.9%1811007.91222.8823,736
Bronze scimitar Bronze scimitar898.9%3471007.91243.8623,736
Bronze spear Bronze spear1298.9%1,84310011.86815535,604
Bronze sq shield Bronze sq shield898.9%2341007.91229.5823,736
Bronze sword Bronze sword898.9%2321007.91229.3223,736
50 × Bronze throwing axe Bronze throwing axe898.9%6501,0007.91282.1523,736
Bronze warhammer Bronze warhammer898.9%771007.9129.7323,736
Butterfly net Butterfly net898.9%351007.9124.4223,736
Comp ogre bow Comp ogre bow1267.0%1,5641008.0419524,120
Corrupt Vesta's spear Corrupt Vesta's spear1278.0%74,448109.367,95428,080
Corrupt Zuriel's staff Corrupt Zuriel's staff1278.0%73,534109.367,85628,080
Crossbow Crossbow898.9%8031007.91210123,736
50 × Dust rune Dust rune889.0%23,55025,0007.123,30821,360
Earth battlestaff Earth battlestaff1267.0%8,2631008.041,02824,120
50 × Earth rune Earth rune890.1%1,00025,0007.20813921,624
Egg whisk Egg whisk898.9%171007.9122.1523,736
Elemental body Elemental body898.9%3,2731007.91241423,736
Elemental helmet Elemental helmet898.9%1191007.91215.0423,736
Elemental shield Elemental shield898.9%9,8031007.9121,23923,736
Fire battlestaff Fire battlestaff1267.0%8,1721008.041,01624,120
50 × Fire rune Fire rune884.6%5,40025,0006.76879820,304
Flowers (mixed) Flowers (mixed)898.9%2,0901,0007.91226423,736
Flowers (pastel) Flowers (pastel)898.9%2,1891,0007.91227723,736
Gadderhammer Gadderhammer1298.9%2,90310011.86824535,604
Hard leather body Hard leather body889.0%4271,0007.1259.9721,360
Hard leather shield Hard leather shield889.0%2401007.1233.7121,360
Imp horn wand Imp horn wand889.0%2,1001007.1229521,360
Imphide book Imphide book889.0%1,96157.1227521,360
Imphide robe bottom Imphide robe bottom889.0%8921007.1212521,360
Imphide robe top Imphide robe top889.0%1,4791007.1220821,360
Imphide shield Imphide shield889.0%3771007.1252.9521,360
Iron 2h crossbow Iron 2h crossbow1289.0%90110010.6884.3632,040
Iron 2h sword Iron 2h sword1289.0%95610010.6889.5132,040
Iron battleaxe Iron battleaxe889.0%8721007.1212221,360
Iron chainbody Iron chainbody889.0%4631007.1265.0321,360
Iron claw Iron claw889.0%8921007.1212521,360
Iron crossbow Iron crossbow889.0%2,0421007.1228721,360
Iron dagger Iron dagger889.0%3521007.1249.4421,360
50 × Iron dart Iron dart889.0%1,7501,5007.1224621,360
Iron halberd Iron halberd1289.0%51010010.6847.7532,040
Iron hasta Iron hasta889.0%391007.125.4821,360
Iron hatchet Iron hatchet889.0%4141007.1258.1521,360
50 × Iron javelin Iron javelin889.0%1,3001,0007.1218321,360
Iron kiteshield Iron kiteshield889.0%7321007.1210321,360
50 × Iron knife Iron knife889.0%3,10010,0007.1243521,360
Iron longsword Iron longsword889.0%7031007.1298.7421,360
Iron mace Iron mace889.0%4381007.1261.5221,360
Iron pickaxe Iron pickaxe889.0%1,8351007.1225821,360
Iron platebody Iron platebody889.0%2,6485007.1237221,360
Iron platelegs Iron platelegs889.0%4391007.1261.6621,360
Iron plateskirt Iron plateskirt889.0%3881007.1254.4921,360
Iron scimitar Iron scimitar889.0%6351007.1289.1921,360
Iron spear Iron spear1289.0%3,11310010.6829132,040
Iron sq shield Iron sq shield889.0%4251007.1259.6921,360
Iron sword Iron sword889.0%4181007.1258.7121,360
50 × Iron throwing axe Iron throwing axe889.0%1,2001,0007.1216921,360
Iron warhammer Iron warhammer889.0%4131007.1258.0121,360
Jade machete Jade machete898.9%3,6111007.91245623,736
Lava battlestaff Lava battlestaff1267.0%9,2171008.041,14624,120
Leather body Leather body898.9%1761,0007.91222.2423,736
Leather chaps Leather chaps898.9%4795,0007.91260.5423,736
Leather shield Leather shield898.9%311007.9123.9223,736
Machete Machete898.9%4711007.91259.5323,736
Magic staff Magic staff1298.9%1,0871,00011.86891.5935,604
Maple logs Maple logs150.5%4225,0000.50583.171,515
Maple shieldbow Maple shieldbow1267.0%3855,0008.0447.8924,120
Maple shortbow Maple shortbow1267.0%6055,0008.0475.2524,120
Mind body Mind body898.9%10,6291007.9121,34323,736
50 × Mind rune Mind rune898.9%95025,0007.91212023,736
Mind shield Mind shield898.9%2,7201007.91234423,736
50 × Mist rune Mist rune893.4%29,45025,0007.4723,94122,416
Mithril 2h crossbow Mithril 2h crossbow1267.0%4,2591008.0453024,120
Mithril 2h sword Mithril 2h sword1267.0%2,7031008.0433624,120
Mithril halberd Mithril halberd1267.0%11,3251008.041,40924,120
Mithril spear Mithril spear1267.0%2,2451008.0427924,120
Mud battlestaff Mud battlestaff1267.0%30,013108.043,73324,120
50 × Mud rune Mud rune886.8%36,50025,0006.9445,25620,832
Mycelium leggings web Mycelium leggings web894.5%1,400107.5618522,680
Mycelium poncho web Mycelium poncho web894.5%2,133107.5628222,680
Mystic air staff Mystic air staff1256.0%24,5421006.723,65220,160
Mystic earth staff Mystic earth staff1256.0%23,5761006.723,50820,160
Mystic fire staff Mystic fire staff1256.0%23,9621006.723,56620,160
Mystic lava staff Mystic lava staff1256.0%46,0511006.726,85320,160
Mystic mud staff Mystic mud staff1256.0%63,758106.729,48820,160
Mystic steam staff Mystic steam staff1256.0%85,388106.7212,70720,160
Mystic water staff Mystic water staff1256.0%24,0301006.723,57620,160
Noose wand Noose wand1298.9%5710011.8684.835,604
Oak blackjack (d) Oak blackjack (d)889.0%1,0141007.1214221,360
Oak blackjack (o) Oak blackjack (o)889.0%1,0741007.1215121,360
Oak shieldbow Oak shieldbow1289.0%4315,00010.6840.3632,040
Oak shortbow Oak shortbow1289.0%4785,00010.6844.7632,040
Off-hand bronze battleaxe Off-hand bronze battleaxe898.9%371007.9124.6823,736
Off-hand bronze claw Off-hand bronze claw898.9%1171007.91214.7923,736
Off-hand bronze crossbow Off-hand bronze crossbow898.9%5971007.91275.4623,736
Off-hand bronze dagger Off-hand bronze dagger898.9%531007.9126.723,736
50 × Off-hand bronze dart Off-hand bronze dart898.9%8501,5007.91210723,736
50 × Off-hand bronze knife Off-hand bronze knife898.9%3,00010,0007.91237923,736
Off-hand bronze longsword Off-hand bronze longsword898.9%341007.9124.323,736
Off-hand bronze mace Off-hand bronze mace898.9%771007.9129.7323,736
Off-hand bronze scimitar Off-hand bronze scimitar898.9%651007.9128.2223,736
Off-hand bronze sword Off-hand bronze sword898.9%461007.9125.8123,736
50 × Off-hand bronze throwing axe Off-hand bronze throwing axe898.9%3001,0007.91237.9223,736
Off-hand bronze warhammer Off-hand bronze warhammer898.9%301007.9123.7923,736
Off-hand iron battleaxe Off-hand iron battleaxe889.0%1371007.1219.2421,360
Off-hand iron claw Off-hand iron claw889.0%2471007.1234.6921,360
Off-hand iron crossbow Off-hand iron crossbow889.0%7871007.1211121,360
Off-hand iron dagger Off-hand iron dagger889.0%691007.129.6921,360
50 × Off-hand iron dart Off-hand iron dart889.0%1,1501,5007.1216221,360
50 × Off-hand iron knife Off-hand iron knife889.0%3,10010,0007.1243521,360
Off-hand iron longsword Off-hand iron longsword889.0%1311007.1218.421,360
Off-hand iron mace Off-hand iron mace889.0%741007.1210.3921,360
Off-hand iron scimitar Off-hand iron scimitar889.0%3891007.1254.6321,360
Off-hand iron sword Off-hand iron sword889.0%1571007.1222.0521,360
50 × Off-hand iron throwing axe Off-hand iron throwing axe889.0%6001,0007.1284.2721,360
Off-hand iron warhammer Off-hand iron warhammer889.0%791007.1211.121,360
Ogre club Ogre club894.5%1331007.5617.5922,680
Opal machete Opal machete898.9%7591007.91295.9323,736
Orange flowers Orange flowers898.9%1,5301,0007.91219323,736
Purple flowers Purple flowers898.9%1,5571,0007.91219723,736
Red flowers Red flowers898.9%3,1481,0007.91239823,736
Red topaz machete Red topaz machete898.9%34,7761007.9124,39523,736
Royal sceptre Royal sceptre898.9%56,91827.9127,19423,736
Shieldbow Shieldbow1298.9%7115,00011.86859.9135,604
Shortbow Shortbow1298.9%7755,00011.86865.335,604
Silver sickle Silver sickle898.9%2601007.91232.8623,736
50 × Smoke rune Smoke rune883.5%39,15025,0006.685,86120,040
Spatula Spatula1289.0%1,02610010.6896.0732,040
Spork Spork889.0%3011007.1242.2821,360
Staff Staff1298.9%1,01310011.86885.3635,604
Staff of air Staff of air1298.9%1,4131,00011.86811935,604
Staff of earth Staff of earth1298.9%1,7131,00011.86814435,604
Staff of fire Staff of fire1298.9%2,0891,00011.86817635,604
Staff of water Staff of water1298.9%1,5001,00011.86812635,604
Steam battlestaff Steam battlestaff1267.0%36,343108.044,52024,120
Steel 2h crossbow Steel 2h crossbow1278.0%1,2741009.3613628,080
Steel 2h sword Steel 2h sword1278.0%1,3541009.3614528,080
Steel halberd Steel halberd1278.0%3,4161009.3636528,080
Steel spear Steel spear1278.0%3,9381009.3642128,080
Swamp lizard Swamp lizard1267.0%2,7722,0008.0434524,120
Teasing stick Teasing stick898.9%391007.9124.9323,736
Toy kite Toy kite898.9%100N/A7.91212.6423,736
Water battlestaff Water battlestaff1267.0%8,1631008.041,01524,120
50 × Water rune Water rune894.5%1,20025,0007.5615922,680
White 2h sword White 2h sword1272.5%6,5831008.775726,100
White flowers White flowers898.9%13,2431007.9121,67423,736
White halberd White halberd1272.5%3,2511008.737426,100
White magic staff White magic staff1272.5%4,8571008.755826,100
Willow-blackjack Willow-blackjack898.9%1201007.91215.1723,736
Willow shieldbow Willow shieldbow1278.0%2425,0009.3625.8528,080
Willow shortbow Willow shortbow1278.0%3235,0009.3634.5128,080
Wizard's book Wizard's book898.9%1,18657.91215023,736
Wizard robe skirt Wizard robe skirt898.9%2811007.91235.5223,736
Wizard robe top Wizard robe top898.9%4721007.91259.6623,736
Wizard wand Wizard wand898.9%3,0361007.91238423,736
Wooden shield Wooden shield898.9%8781007.91211123,736
Wooden spoon Wooden spoon898.9%911007.91211.523,736
Yellow flowers Yellow flowers898.9%1,6251,0007.91220523,736
Yew shieldbow Yew shieldbow1256.0%5295,0006.7278.7220,160
Yew shortbow Yew shortbow1256.0%7135,0006.7210620,160
Zamorak robe (top) Zamorak robe (top)898.9%5011007.91263.3223,736

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