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This is a list of all tradeable items that can give Imbued components with the effective cost per Imbued component.

  • The formula used to calculate cost per material is \frac{item quantity \times GE price}{matqty \times chance of mat}
    • where chance of mat = chance without junk \times (1 - junk chance)
  • GE prices may be inaccurate - we can't really do anything about that
  • Untradeable items are excluded, with some exceptions

In the table:

  • The raw chance column is the chance per non-junk material to get Imbued components when disassembling the item
  • The Avg. number column is the number of Imbued components you should expect when disassembling the item; this represents the junk chance and the number of materials in addition to the raw chance. It is listed as a percentage, to reduce decimal places needed.
    • For example, if an item has an average number of 0.13%, you should expect that you'll get 13 materials in 10,000 disassembles - or 0.13 per 100 disassembles, or 0.0013 per disassemble
  • The materials per hour column is based upon performing the ideal 3,000 disassembly actions per hour. In reality, it will probably be less due to connection latency, server latency, and human error. The column also makes no attempt to account for buy limits or availability.
  • The average number and cost is given for no junk reduction by default, but this can be changed with the following drop-down menu (requires Javascript):
Please enable javascript to be able to change the junk reduction used. Until then, the table displays values for no junk reduction only.

Total results: 70 (may be more or less rows)

JunkPrice per
Avg. numberCost per matMats per hour
Abyssal wand Abyssal wand84.2%114,78852%15.3%748,878459
Ahrim's staff Ahrim's staff1223.0%4,275,623102%18.5%23,136,488555
Ahrim's wand Ahrim's wand823.0%507,9561002%12.3%4,123,019369
Air battlestaff Air battlestaff1267.0%8,1791,0002%7.92%103,270238
Ancient crozier Ancient crozier1234.0%512,10422%15.8%3,232,980474
Ancient staff Ancient staff1245.0%116,6001002%13.2%883,333396
Apprentice wand Apprentice wand845.0%121,702102%8.80%1,382,977264
Armadyl battlestaff Armadyl battlestaff123.4%13,424,507102%23.2%57,904,188696
Armadyl crozier Armadyl crozier1234.0%527,04322%15.8%3,327,292474
Bandos crozier Bandos crozier1234.0%529,46022%15.8%3,342,551474
Bat staff Bat staff1234.0%530,73922%15.8%3,350,625474
Battlestaff Battlestaff1267.0%6,0241,0002%7.92%76,061238
Batwing wand Batwing wand867.0%3,5651002%5.28%67,519158
Beginner wand Beginner wand850.5%80,266102%7.92%1,013,460238
Camel staff Camel staff121.0%44,279,544Unknown2%23.8%186,361,717714
Cat staff Cat staff1234.0%513,55422%15.8%3,242,134474
Corrupt Zuriel's staff Corrupt Zuriel's staff1278.0%71,602102%5.28%1,356,098158
Crystal staff Crystal staff1223.0%196,35422%18.5%1,062,522555
Crystal wand Crystal wand823.0%130,65122%12.3%1,060,479369
Dragon battlestaff Dragon battlestaff1234.0%207,571102%15.8%1,310,423474
Dragon staff Dragon staff1234.0%518,69622%15.8%3,274,596474
Earth battlestaff Earth battlestaff1267.0%8,4271,0002%7.92%106,402238
Elemental battlestaff Elemental battlestaff1267.0%2,501,968Unknown2%7.92%31,590,505238
Fire battlestaff Fire battlestaff1267.0%8,2381,0002%7.92%104,015238
Grifolic wand Grifolic wand834.0%28,1921002%10.6%266,970318
Guthix crozier Guthix crozier1234.0%548,76222%15.8%3,464,407474
Imp horn wand Imp horn wand889.0%1,0891002%1.76%61,87552.8
Lava battlestaff Lava battlestaff1267.0%9,3501,0002%7.92%118,056238
Magic staff Magic staff1298.9%2,0011,0002%0.26%757,9557.8
Master wand Master wand834.0%310,434102%10.6%2,939,716318
Mud battlestaff Mud battlestaff1267.0%32,586102%7.92%411,439238
Mystic air staff Mystic air staff1256.0%24,2141002%10.6%229,299318
Mystic earth staff Mystic earth staff1256.0%24,0641002%10.6%227,879318
Mystic fire staff Mystic fire staff1256.0%24,0291002%10.6%227,547318
Mystic lava staff Mystic lava staff1256.0%49,5061002%10.6%468,807318
Mystic mud staff Mystic mud staff1256.0%75,687102%10.6%716,733318
Mystic steam staff Mystic steam staff1256.0%76,675102%10.6%726,089318
Mystic wand Mystic wand845.0%9,5621002%8.80%108,659264
Mystic water staff Mystic water staff1256.0%24,0591002%10.6%227,831318
Noxious staff Noxious staff120.0%159,850,29122%24.0%666,042,879720
Obliteration Obliteration120.6%26,200,102Unknown2%23.9%109,826,048717
Penguin staff Penguin staff1234.0%514,05522%15.8%3,245,297474
Polypore staff Polypore staff124.2%1,371,731102%23.0%5,966,123690
Polypore stick Polypore stick124.2%43,343102%23.0%188,513690
Saradomin crozier Saradomin crozier1234.0%536,81922%15.8%3,389,009474
Seismic wand Seismic wand80.0%113,936,78212%16.0%712,104,888480
Slayer's staff Slayer's staff1239.5%17,2981002%14.5%119,132435
Spider wand Spider wand878.0%2,0891002%3.52%59,347106
Splitbark wand Splitbark wand856.0%10,9061002%7.04%154,915211
Staff Staff1298.9%2,2351,0002%0.26%846,5917.8
Staff of Sliske Staff of Sliske120.0%1,626,617,278Unknown2%24.0%6,777,571,992720
Staff of air Staff of air1298.9%2,2661,0002%0.26%858,3337.8
Staff of earth Staff of earth1298.9%2,2741,0002%0.26%861,3647.8
Staff of fire Staff of fire1298.9%2,5751,0002%0.26%975,3797.8
Staff of light Staff of light124.2%1,559,821102%23.0%6,784,190690
Staff of water Staff of water1298.9%2,1201,0002%0.26%803,0307.8
Steam battlestaff Steam battlestaff1267.0%19,941102%7.92%251,780238
Teacher wand Teacher wand839.5%1,389,134102%9.68%14,350,558290
Third-age druidic staff Third-age druidic staff1228.5%78,529,65422%17.2%457,632,016516
Toktz-mej-tal Toktz-mej-tal1234.0%77,665102%15.8%490,309474
Virtus wand Virtus wand82.3%3,949,34952%15.6%25,264,515468
Wand of the Cywir elders Wand of the Cywir elders81.0%11,921,37922%15.8%75,261,231474
Wand of the praesul Wand of the praesul80.0%981,610,156Unknown2%16.0%6,135,063,475480
Wand of treachery Wand of treachery823.0%53,9321002%12.3%437,760369
Water battlestaff Water battlestaff1267.0%8,2921,0002%7.92%104,697238
White magic staff White magic staff1272.5%5,8161002%6.60%88,121198
Wizard wand Wizard wand898.9%6181002%0.18%351,1365.4
Wolf staff Wolf staff1234.0%512,90722%15.8%3,238,049474
Zamorak crozier Zamorak crozier1234.0%554,22622%15.8%3,498,902474
Zuriel's staff Zuriel's staff123.0%13,267,682102%23.3%56,991,761699