Crystal saw
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This is a list of all tradeable items that can give Ancient components with the effective cost per Ancient component. As this is a 'rare'/'special' material, it is received independently of the item's junk chance, so only one effective cost column is required.

  • The formula used to calculate cost per material is $ item quantity \times GE price \div material quantity $
    • As mentioned above, rare/special components are received independent of junk chance, so that does not factor in to the cost
    • Once special chances are more reliably known, they will be incorporated into the calculator
  • GE prices may be inaccurate - we can't really do anything about that
  • Untradeable items are excluded, with some exceptions

Total results: 17

ItemNumber of
ChanceJunkPrice eachBuy limitEffective cost
Third-age amulet Third-age amulet7100%28.5%218,171,276231,167,325
Third-age druidic cloak Third-age druidic cloak7100%28.5%140,397,793220,056,828
Third-age druidic robe Third-age druidic robe7100%28.5%249,077,358235,582,480
Third-age druidic robe top Third-age druidic robe top7100%28.5%371,646,512253,092,359
Third-age druidic staff Third-age druidic staff7100%28.5%75,781,371210,825,910
Third-age druidic wreath Third-age druidic wreath7100%28.5%615,331,340287,904,477
Third-age full helmet Third-age full helmet7100%28.5%35,655,69325,093,670
Third-age kiteshield Third-age kiteshield7100%28.5%53,874,07227,696,296
Third-age mage hat Third-age mage hat7100%28.5%37,620,88625,374,412
Third-age platebody Third-age platebody7100%28.5%233,257,652233,322,522
Third-age platelegs Third-age platelegs7100%28.5%392,513,977256,073,425
Third-age range coif Third-age range coif7100%28.5%37,688,63125,384,090
Third-age range legs Third-age range legs7100%28.5%35,720,72825,102,961
Third-age range top Third-age range top7100%28.5%33,533,77824,790,540
Third-age robe Third-age robe7100%28.5%33,441,56524,777,366
Third-age robe top Third-age robe top7100%28.5%97,339,730213,905,676
Third-age vambraces Third-age vambraces7100%28.5%37,302,37425,328,911