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This is a list of all tradeable items in the disassembly category we've named "magic armour", with the effective cost per material obtained. This is a measure of how much obtaining each non-junk material will cost at base junk chance, with the option to change to any junk chance using javascript.

For more details on the calculator, see Calculator:Disassembly by category. Be aware that not all items have been updated with disassembly details. See here for instructions on how to help the wiki gather this information!

Items in the "magic armour" category break down into:

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Total results: 174 (may be more rows)

ItemMaterialsJunkPrice per itemBuy limitEffective costMaterials
per hour
Ahrim's hood Ahrim's hood623.0%393,5221085,17813,860
Ahrim's robe skirt Ahrim's robe skirt823.0%883,36010143,40318,480
Ahrim's robe top Ahrim's robe top823.0%1,381,06310224,19918,480
Air tiara Air tiara698.9%5641008,545198
Ancient cloak Ancient cloak656.0%293,9742111,3547,920
Ancient mitre Ancient mitre656.0%301,4142114,1727,920
Ancient robe legs Ancient robe legs856.0%546,4612155,24510,560
Ancient robe top Ancient robe top856.0%534,4732151,83910,560
Anima Core body of Seren Anima Core body of Seren82.3%18,149,88622,322,14523,448
Anima Core helm of Seren Anima Core helm of Seren62.3%17,878,30223,049,86417,586
Anima Core legs of Seren Anima Core legs of Seren82.3%18,373,86122,350,80123,448
Battle hood 0 Battle hood 0645.0%408,77810123,8729,900
Battle robe bottom 0 Battle robe bottom 0845.0%2,558,91410581,57113,200
Battle robe top 0 Battle robe top 0845.0%6,521,832101,482,23513,200
Batwing boots Batwing boots467.0%1,4961001,1333,960
Batwing gloves Batwing gloves467.0%1,4711001,1143,960
Batwing hood Batwing hood667.0%1,9071009635,940
Batwing legs Batwing legs867.0%2,9141001,1047,920
Batwing torso Batwing torso867.0%3,4831001,3197,920
Black wizard boots Black wizard boots498.9%386108,773132
Black wizard gloves Black wizard gloves498.9%245105,568132
Black wizard hat Black wizard hat698.9%5951009,015198
Black wizard robe skirt Black wizard robe skirt898.9%96110010,920264
Black wizard robe top Black wizard robe top898.9%1,09310012,420264
Blood tiara Blood tiara698.9%1,21910018,470198
Body body Body body898.9%5,88210066,841264
Body boots Body boots498.9%43,816100995,818132
Body gloves Body gloves498.9%35,459100805,886132
Body helmet Body helmet698.9%4,19710063,591198
Body tiara Body tiara698.9%1601002,424198
Boots of subjugation Boots of subjugation423.0%1,475,1601478,9489,240
Celestial handwraps Celestial handwraps40.0%4,552,057101,138,01412,000
Chaos body Chaos body845.0%5,317101,20813,200
Chaos boots Chaos boots445.0%3,772101,7156,600
Chaos gloves Chaos gloves445.0%7,206103,2756,600
Chaos helmet Chaos helmet645.0%3,776101,1449,900
Chaos tiara Chaos tiara698.9%5821008,818198
Combat hood 0 Combat hood 0678.0%2,094101,5863,960
Combat robe bottom 0 Combat robe bottom 0878.0%20,5961011,7025,280
Combat robe top 0 Combat robe top 0878.0%41,4041023,5255,280
Corrupt Zuriel's hood Corrupt Zuriel's hood678.0%38,1291028,8863,960
Corrupt Zuriel's robe bottom Corrupt Zuriel's robe bottom878.0%103,1571058,6125,280
Corrupt Zuriel's robe top Corrupt Zuriel's robe top878.0%91,0951051,7595,280
Cosmic body Cosmic body856.0%10,155102,88510,560
Cosmic boots Cosmic boots456.0%29,6281016,8345,280
Cosmic gloves Cosmic gloves456.0%5,021102,8535,280
Cosmic helmet Cosmic helmet656.0%2,841101,0767,920
Cosmic tiara Cosmic tiara698.9%1701002,576198
Crest of Seren Crest of Seren21.0%17,395,178108,785,4435,940
Dagon'hai hat Dagon'hai hat656.0%571,54710216,4957,920
Dagon'hai robe bottom Dagon'hai robe bottom656.0%47,0511017,8227,920
Dagon'hai robe top Dagon'hai robe top656.0%71,8321027,2097,920
Dark mystic boots Dark mystic boots445.0%124,16610056,4396,600
Dark mystic gloves Dark mystic gloves445.0%10,7891004,9046,600
Dark mystic hat Dark mystic hat645.0%149,65710045,3519,900
Dark mystic robe bottom Dark mystic robe bottom845.0%6,8711001,56213,200
Dark mystic robe top Dark mystic robe top845.0%8,7171001,98113,200
Death tiara Death tiara698.9%1,40110021,227198
Dragon ward Dragon ward834.0%28,7331005,44215,840
Druidic mage bottom 0 Druidic mage bottom 0861.5%64,3281020,8869,240
Druidic mage hood 0 Druidic mage hood 0661.5%7,811103,3816,930
Druidic mage top 0 Druidic mage top 0861.5%67,3271021,8599,240
Earth tiara Earth tiara698.9%3961006,000198
Elemental body Elemental body898.9%3,74310042,534264
Elemental boots Elemental boots698.9%7,264100110,061198
Elemental gloves Elemental gloves698.9%5,85210088,667198
Elemental helmet Elemental helmet898.9%1631001,852264
Enchanted hat Enchanted hat650.5%297,3232100,1098,910
Enchanted robe Enchanted robe850.5%298,966275,49611,880
Enchanted top Enchanted top850.5%298,379275,34811,880
Farseer helm Farseer helm650.5%45,74210015,4018,910
Fire tiara Fire tiara698.9%1,02710015,561198
Fungal leggings Fungal leggings872.5%8,211103,7326,600
Fungal poncho Fungal poncho872.5%14,744106,7026,600
Fungal visor Fungal visor672.5%3,896102,3614,950
Ganodermic boots Ganodermic boots84.2%49,3571006,44022,992
Ganodermic gloves Ganodermic gloves84.2%48,6131006,34322,992
Ganodermic leggings Ganodermic leggings84.2%442,7581057,77122,992
Ganodermic poncho Ganodermic poncho84.2%1,441,46310188,08222,992
Ganodermic visor Ganodermic visor64.2%160,0461027,84417,244
Garb of subjugation Garb of subjugation823.0%3,057,2781496,31118,480
Gloves of subjugation Gloves of subjugation423.0%1,187,7771385,6429,240
Gown of subjugation Gown of subjugation823.0%2,799,8201454,51618,480
Grifolic gloves Grifolic gloves434.0%3,2441001,2297,920
Grifolic leggings Grifolic leggings834.0%332,1681062,91115,840
Grifolic poncho Grifolic poncho834.0%939,83410177,99915,840
Grifolic visor Grifolic visor634.0%112,0761028,30211,880
Hexcrest Hexcrest678.0%57,9161043,8763,960
Hood of subjugation Hood of subjugation623.0%1,026,6071222,20913,860
Imphide boots Imphide boots489.0%4251009661,320
Imphide gloves Imphide gloves489.0%4331009841,320
Imphide hood Imphide hood689.0%8881001,3451,980
Imphide robe bottom Imphide robe bottom889.0%1,2191001,3852,640
Imphide robe top Imphide robe top889.0%1,1611001,3192,640
Infinity boots Infinity boots439.5%1,113,10210459,9607,260
Infinity bottoms Infinity bottoms839.5%9,100,676101,880,30514,520
Infinity gloves Infinity gloves439.5%1,488,47310615,0717,260
Infinity hat Infinity hat639.5%10,761,065102,964,48110,890
Infinity top Infinity top839.5%9,554,191101,974,00614,520
Law tiara Law tiara698.9%1571002,379198
Light mystic boots Light mystic boots445.0%144,60110065,7286,600
Light mystic gloves Light mystic gloves445.0%101,55810046,1636,600
Light mystic hat Light mystic hat645.0%4,8941001,4839,900
Light mystic robe bottom Light mystic robe bottom845.0%5,7491001,30713,200
Light mystic robe top Light mystic robe top845.0%22,6091005,13813,200
Mind body Mind body898.9%11,047100125,534264
Mind boots Mind boots498.9%25,443100578,250132
Mind gloves Mind gloves498.9%22,601100513,659132
Mind helmet Mind helmet698.9%2,06310031,258198
Mind tiara Mind tiara698.9%4591006,955198
Mycelium leggings web Mycelium leggings web894.5%1,443103,2801,320
Mycelium poncho web Mycelium poncho web894.5%1,730103,9321,320
Mycelium visor web Mycelium visor web694.5%567101,718990
Mystic boots (blue) Mystic boots (blue)445.0%3,7661001,7126,600
Mystic gloves (blue) Mystic gloves (blue)445.0%4,0591001,8456,600
Mystic hat (blue) Mystic hat (blue)645.0%7,0191002,1279,900
Mystic robe bottom (blue) Mystic robe bottom (blue)845.0%8,2861001,88313,200
Mystic robe top (blue) Mystic robe top (blue)845.0%11,2051002,54713,200
Nature tiara Nature tiara698.9%3791005,742198
Ragefire boots Ragefire boots41.0%4,250,557101,073,37311,880
Seasinger's hood Seasinger's hood61.0%1,195,5982201,27917,820
Seasinger's robe bottom Seasinger's robe bottom81.0%1,927,7542243,40323,760
Seasinger's robe top Seasinger's robe top81.0%2,147,9572271,20723,760
Serenic essence Serenic essence11.0%379,344100383,1762,970
Skeletal boots Skeletal boots445.0%112,52310051,1476,600
Skeletal bottoms Skeletal bottoms845.0%22,8541005,19413,200
Skeletal gloves Skeletal gloves445.0%76,16110034,6196,600
Skeletal helm Skeletal helm645.0%9,3001002,8189,900
Skeletal top Skeletal top845.0%26,0291005,91613,200
Soul tiara Soul tiara60.0%5,53910092318,000
Spellstorm drape Spellstorm drape698.9%6161009,333198
Spider silk boots Spider silk boots478.0%9001001,0232,640
Spider silk gloves Spider silk gloves478.0%9491001,0782,640
Spider silk hood Spider silk hood678.0%1,3081009913,960
Spider silk robe bottom Spider silk robe bottom878.0%1,6471009365,280
Spider silk robe top Spider silk robe top878.0%1,8991001,0795,280
Splitbark body Splitbark body856.0%26,1031007,41610,560
Splitbark boots Splitbark boots456.0%7,7791004,4205,280
Splitbark gauntlets Splitbark gauntlets456.0%2,7131001,5415,280
Splitbark helm Splitbark helm656.0%4,8101001,8227,920
Splitbark legs Splitbark legs856.0%59,53810016,91410,560
Static gloves Static gloves41.0%468,07710118,20111,880
Tectonic mask Tectonic mask60.0%13,992,00522,332,00118,000
Tectonic robe bottom Tectonic robe bottom80.0%28,355,69123,544,46124,000
Tectonic robe top Tectonic robe top80.0%43,362,88125,420,36024,000
Third-age druidic cloak Third-age druidic cloak628.5%133,533,666231,126,72912,870
Third-age druidic robe Third-age druidic robe828.5%249,077,358243,544,99317,160
Third-age druidic robe top Third-age druidic robe top828.5%371,646,512264,973,16617,160
Third-age druidic wreath Third-age druidic wreath628.5%615,331,3402143,433,87912,870
Third-age mage hat Third-age mage hat628.5%36,304,62628,462,61712,870
Third-age robe Third-age robe828.5%33,085,16025,784,11917,160
Third-age robe top Third-age robe top828.5%92,605,269216,189,73217,160
Virtus boots Virtus boots42.3%8,955,90812,291,68611,724
Virtus gloves Virtus gloves42.3%2,839,3061726,53711,724
Virtus mask Virtus mask62.3%4,182,1892713,44117,586
Virtus robe legs Virtus robe legs82.3%23,300,71422,981,15623,448
Virtus robe top Virtus robe top82.3%25,463,57023,257,87723,448
Water tiara Water tiara698.9%6,32110095,773198
Wizard boots Wizard boots498.9%141103,205132
Wizard boots (t) Wizard boots (t)478.0%529,7532601,9922,640
Wizard gloves Wizard gloves498.9%98102,227132
Wizard hat (blue) Wizard hat (blue)698.9%4971007,530198
Wizard hat (g) Wizard hat (g)698.9%918,703213,919,742198
Wizard hat (t) Wizard hat (t)698.9%598,06529,061,591198
Wizard robe skirt Wizard robe skirt898.9%6981007,932264
Wizard robe skirt (g) Wizard robe skirt (g)898.9%651,50627,403,477264
Wizard robe skirt (t) Wizard robe skirt (t)898.9%584,33426,640,159264
Wizard robe top Wizard robe top898.9%7161008,136264
Wizard robe top (g) Wizard robe top (g)898.9%691,77627,861,091264
Wizard robe top (t) Wizard robe top (t)898.9%579,98526,590,739264
Zamorak robe (top) Zamorak robe (top)898.9%1,02910011,693264
Zuriel's hood Zuriel's hood63.0%761,62810130,86417,460
Zuriel's robe bottom Zuriel's robe bottom83.0%8,266,299101,065,24523,280
Zuriel's robe top Zuriel's robe top83.0%14,831,497101,911,27523,280