The calculations below use real-time market prices. For more information, see Grand Exchange Market Watch/Crafting.

Tanning hidesEdit

Various animal hides can be brought to a tanner in order to make leather, which then can be used in the Crafting skill. Tanners charge you a fee for tanning the hides brought to them. This information is included in the calculations. You can also use the lunar spell Make Leather to tan up to 5 hides per cast without having to leave the bank, also granting 87 magic experience.

Canifis tannerEdit

A separate calculation is done for Sbott, the tanner in Canifis, who charges higher fees than regular tanners. When tanning it is helpful at times to use energy potions to maximize profits

Profit tableEdit

Raw material Product Profit per hide Make Leather Spell Profit per hide
Standard tanner Sbott in Canifis Make Leather Spell[1] Make Leather Spell with a fire rune providing staff[1]
Cowhide Cowhide Leather Leather 125 124 -72.8 -31.6
Cowhide Cowhide Hard leather Hard leather 154 152 -41.8 -0.6
Snake hide Snake hide (Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup) Snakeskin Snakeskin -1,692 -1,702 -1,875.8 -1,834.6
Snake hide (swamp) Swamp snake hide (Temple Trekking) Snakeskin Snakeskin 110 105 -68.8 -27.6
Green dragonhide Green dragonhide Green dragon leather Green dragon leather 159 134 -19.8 21.4
Blue dragonhide Blue dragonhide Blue dragon leather Blue dragon leather 339 314 160.2 201.4
Red dragonhide Red dragonhide Red dragon leather Red dragon leather 280 255 101.2 142.4
Black dragonhide Black dragonhide Black dragon leather Black dragon leather 219 194 40.2 81.4
Royal dragonhide Royal dragonhide Royal dragon leather Royal dragon leather 274 249 95.2 136.4
  1. ^ a b Based on the current cost of the make leather spell when used on the maximum of 5 hides per set of runes: 198.8 per hide or 157.6 per hide using a fire rune providing staff. Casting the spell on less than 5 hides at a time will increase the spell cost per hide.

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