This calculator is for calculating your profit and exp gain if you buy uncut gems from GE market price, cut them, and then resold them.

template = Calculator:Template/Crafting/Gem cutting dynamic
form = j_Form
result = j_Result
param	= opal|Opal*^|0|int|0-
param	= jade|Jade*^|0|int|0-
param	= rtpz|Red Topaz*^|0|int|0-
param	= saph|Sapphire|0|int|0-
param	= emer|Emerald|0|int|0-
param	= ruby|Ruby|0|int|0-
param	= dmnd|Diamond|0|int|0-
param	= dstn|Dragon Stone *|0|int|0-
param	= onyx|Onyx*|0|int|0-
Loading calculator (requires JavaScript)...
* = Members only.
^ = May be crushed while cutting. Losses will be greater if that happens.

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