The Gem cutting calculator is a calculator using current exchange prices which shows you how much money you will lose or gain by successfully cutting one of each gem type assuming you buy and sell the gems using the grand exchange. Using high or low alchemy may affect how much you lose or gain from cutting gems. Also, buying higher than or selling lower than the current market price (such as buying at highest price or selling at lowest price) will cause you to lose more money when cutting gems.

To determine how much you will lose or gain from cutting more than one gem of the same variety, multiply the number of gems you plan on cutting by the value in the per gem column. To determine how much it will cost per level, multiply the amount of crafting XP until the next level by the value in the per XP column.

Gem Cutting Loss/Profit CalculatorEdit

Note: The following calculations use real-time market prices. For more information, see Grand Exchange Market Watch.
Variety of Gem Level Uncut Gem Cost Cut Gem Value XP Each Loss/Profit (Per Gem) Loss/Profit (Per XP)
Uncut opalOpal Opal1 1 385 365 Chisel 15 -20 -1.3
Uncut jadeJade Jade1 13 1,733 1,781 Chisel 20 48 2.4
Uncut red topazRed topaz Red Topaz1 16 1,489 1,174 Chisel 25 -315 -12.6
Uncut sapphireSapphire Sapphire 20 1,083 364 Chisel 50 -719 -14.4
Uncut emeraldEmerald Emerald 27 2,198 1,303 Chisel 67.5 -895 -13.3
Uncut rubyRuby Ruby 34 2,706 1,263 Chisel 85 -1,443 -17
Uncut diamondDiamond Diamond 43 4,515 2,145 Chisel 107.5 -2,370 -22
Uncut dragonstoneDragonstone Dragonstone 55 12,593 9,116 Chisel 137.5 -3,477 -25.3
Uncut onyxOnyx Onyx 72 1,847,866 1,850,901 Chisel 167.5 3,035 18.1
Uncut hydrixHydrix Hydrix 79 22,513,585 23,605,398 Chisel 197.5 1,091,813 5,528.2

1 These gems have a possibility of failing to cut, causing it to shatter. If this happens, you will receive minimal experience, and you will not make any money back if you paid for the gem. It is not recommended to train using this type of gem.

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