A calculator to work out how many fish you need to cook to get to a goal level/experience (from current level/experience), and the profit/loss for doing so. Currently practically complete (only Gnome cuisine and untradeable food missing). Please note that an equipped Dwarven Army Axe provides an extra 3xp for each cooked item.

Note - If cooking level/experience for the display name entered can be found, it is used, otherwise the manually entered Current data is used.

Loading calculator (requires JavaScript)...

  • Items in italics are members only.
  • Cooking on a Fire rather than a Range provides +10% experience, you may need to factor that in to your decisions.
  • No-burn refers to the minimum level required to not burn that item.
    • Always means that the item will always have a chance of burning (e.g. high level fish and pies).
    • Never means the item will never be burned (e.g. things that are not cooked on a fire/range, like adding toppings or churning).
  • The following only apply after you submit data:
    • Items with a light red background are currently above your level (and hence cannot be cooked).
    • Items with a yellow background you can cook but may burn.
    • Items with a white background you cannot burn, or the level at which you stop burning them is unknown.

Please input and submit your data.

A basic table is provided below prior to input (or if you have not enabled the script).

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