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This is the quick guide for Cabin Fever.
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Start pointQuest map icon
Cabin Fever icon
Talk to Bill Teach in the Port Phasmatys Inn.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyExperienced Experienced
LengthMedium (~33 minutes)
Quest Quests:
None of the levels may be boosted.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • None
Enemies to defeat None

Setting sailEdit

  • Travel to Port Phasmatys.
  • Talk to Bill Teach in the inn. (Chat 11)
  • Run to the dock, board the eastern-most ship.
  • Talk to Bill. (Chat 1)


  • Open the repair locker, take 4 ropes.
  • Open the gun locker, take 1 fuse.
  • Climb the ladder, then climb the net next to the mast.
  • Use rope on the sail.
  • Use the fuse on their powder barrel.
  • Light the fuse.
  • Climb their mast and use a rope on their sail.
  • Talk to Bill.

Fixing the leaksEdit

  • Descend the ladder.
  • Take from the repair locker:
    • 6 planks
    • 30 tacks
    • 3 swamp paste
  • Repair the leaky holes and waterproof them.
  • Talk to Bill.

Pirate plunderEdit

  • Swing back over to the enemy ship.
  • Climb down their ladder.
  • Gather a total of 10 plunder:
    • Plunder their chest
    • Ransack their barrel
    • Loot their crate
    • Lobby to collect more plunder.
  • Swing across with the plunder and deposit it in the chest on the lower deck.
  • Talk to Bill.


  • Search the gun locker, take a cannon barrel.
  • Repair the broken cannon on the top deck.
  • Talk to Bill.
  • Search the gun locker, take a ramrod, a few fuses, and some cannon canisters.
  • Take some powder from the barrel next to the cannon.
    • Use gunpowder on the cannon.
    • Then the ramrod.
    • Then the canister.
    • Then a fuse.
    • Fire! the cannon.
    • Use the ramrod on the cannon again to clean it.
    • Repeat until 3 pirates die.
  • Talk to Bill.
  • Search the gun locker, take several cannonballs, fuses and cannon barrels.
  • Fire the cannon with cannonballs until you put three holes in the enemy's ship. This is done with the same sequence above except instead of a canister, a cannonball is used instead - you will likely have to fire it more than three times and possibly repair it multiple times.
  • Quest complete!

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