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Butterfly flower seed

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Butterfly flower seed
Butterfly flower seed 1 Butterfly flower seed 2 Butterfly flower seed 3 Butterfly flower seed 4 Butterfly flower seed 5
Release date 20 May 2013 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest item No
Tradeable Yes
Equipable No
Stackable Yes
Value 80 coins
High alch 48 coins
Low alch 32 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price 3,000 coins
Exchange price 324 coins (info)
Buy limit 100
Examine A butterfly flower seed - plant in a flower patch.
Weight 0 kg
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Butterfly flower seed detail

A butterfly flower seed is a Farming seed from which butterfly flower plants can be grown by players with 88 Farming. It can be planted in a flower patch. Picking the flower gives 3 ruby harvests. Butterfly jars are not needed. Note that the experience is only given once instead of three times for three harvests.

It also has a chance to make a Guthixian butterfly appear near the flower patch. When this happens, the chat box will display the message "A Guthixian butterfly appears." This message is not filtered. The Guthixian butterfly will only be visible to the player, and appears on the minimap. Like during the Tribute to Guthix event, the butterfly has a large wander range. If not caught, it will stay for 10 minutes before disappearing. In a test conducted with 500 harvests, the probability of a Guthixian butterfly appearing was estimated to be around 1.2%.

Butterfly flower seeds can be purchased for 3000 points each in the Vinesweeper minigame. The seeds can also be obtained through high-level pickpocketing - such as dwarven traders, gnomes or elves. They can also be gained through hunting jadinkos.


This item can be disassembled with the Invention skill.
Disassembly XP ?2.5
Item quantity required ?1
Base junk chance ?0%
Total materials received ?1
Possible materials
Organic parts Organic parts
Living components Living components
Healthy butterfly flower plant
Stage Description Image
1 Butterfly flower1
2 Butterfly flower2
3 Butterfly flower3
4 Butterfly flower4
5 Butterfly flower5

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