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Hunting butterfly

A player catching a butterfly with a net.

Barehanded catch

A player catching a butterfly with his bare hands.

Releasing butterfly

A player releasing a butterfly.

This article is about the butterflies used in the Hunter skill. For the butterfly used in the Tribute to Guthix event, see Guthixian butterfly.

Butterflies can be caught either with a net or bare handed using the Hunter skill. Catching bare handed gives additional Hunter experience and also Agility experience, but requires a higher hunter level and also an Agility level, and doesn't allow saving butterflies in a jar. To use a net, it must be wielded and unsheathed. The following nets can be used: butterfly net, magic butterfly net, sacred clay butterfly net, or volatile clay butterfly net. To store a butterfly, an empty butterfly jar or impling jar must be in the inventory. A butterfly can be netted by only one player, the one who attempted to capture it first. The butterfly may be released from the jar immediately, allowing players to hunt another (butterfly jars are reusable).

They give low experience, and are best combined with some form of trapping. Some butterflies can be used to boost the combat skills of other players. They are often used in Castle Wars to boost the stats of teammates.

With high Hunter and Agility levels, players can catch butterflies with their bare hands. This yields much more Hunter experience than usual, and also gives a small amount of Agility experience. However, players cannot wield weapons while attempting to catch a butterfly barehanded, and any butterflies caught in this fashion are immediately released. If catching butterflies barehanded, there is a chance of receiving a part of the crystal triskelion.

When catching butterflies, it is recommended to find a butterfly's spawn and stick to catching that particular butterfly. Since butterflies respawn in a few seconds, it may be beneficial to stay in one place rather than run around trying to find another butterfly to catch. In addition, some butterflies have smaller wander radii than others. Players may find it useful to locate a butterfly that does not wander far from its respawn point, because the player will earn faster experience than if they were training on a butterfly with a very large wander radius.

When examined it says, 'These look much better in the wild!'


Hunter Level Image Creature Location Experience Effect GE Price
15 / 80 (and 75 Agility) Ruby harvest icon Ruby harvest Woodland 24 / 300 Raises another player's Attack by 20% Coins 250 887
25 / 85 (and 80 Agility) Sapphire glacialis icon Sapphire glacialis Snow 34 / 400 Raises another player's Defence by 20% Coins 25 86
35 / 90 (and 85 Agility) Snowy knight icon Snowy Knight Snow 44 / 500 Restores another player's life points by 20% Coins 100 184
45 / 95 (and 90 Agility) Black warlock icon Black warlock Jungle 54 / 650 Raises another player's Strength by 20% Coins 100 104

Butterflies do not give these bonuses when released via the right-click option. It must be used on another player to boost the other players stats.

Other butterfliesEdit

There are various other species of butterflies (identifiable by their examine text):

  • Tiger Swallowtail
  • Blue Morpho
  • Viceroy



  • There are several varieties of butterfly throughout Gielinor that cannot be caught. Some such butterflies include the Blue Morpho butterfly (found in Lumbridge), the Viceroy butterfly (found in Isafdar and east of Lumbridge castle), and the Tiger Swallowtail butterfly (found in the Tree Gnome Stronghold).
  • The Forge regent summoning familiar is also classified as a butterfly. Its tertiary ingredient is a Ruby harvest butterfly (in a jar).
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