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Description ?
Debilitate deals no damage but gains up to 6% per rank extra duration from shield value.
Gizmo type
Maximum rank

Bulwark is an Invention perk that lengthens the duration of Debilitate but removes the ability's damage.

Bulwark's extra duration appears to round down. As debuffs are timed in game ticks, most shields won't see the full effect of bulwark. For example, as shown in the table below, rank 1 bulwark without a shield shows no change in the length of debilitate. This is because the calculated increase is 0.468 seconds, which is less than a single game tick.

Debilitate length
Rank Increase Time
Minimum[1] Maximum[2]
None 0% 7.8s 13.8s
1 6% 7.8s 14.4s
2 12% 8.4s 15.0s
3 18% 9.0s 16.2s
  1. ^ As calculated with no shield equipped
  2. ^ As calculated with a tier 90 shield equipped


MaterialRarityPerk ranks with X materials
Resilient components
Resilient componentsRare01223
Cover parts
Cover partsCommon011–21–21–2
Powerful components
Powerful componentsUncommon011–21–21–3
Heavy components
Heavy componentsUncommon011–21–21–3
Metallic parts
Metallic partsCommon011–21–21–2

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