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The Bull ant is a level 40 Summoning familiar, and can carry up to 9 items and lasts for 30 minutes. It cannot hold untradeable items nor can the nine items it holds be worth more than 450,000 coins. It cannot hold rune essence or pure essence. It is a useful summoning familiar for those who do not yet have the required level to summon a Spirit Terrorbird.

It is summoned by using a bull ant pouch, which will give you 0.6 Summoning experience. Apart from being able to Store up to 9 items for you temporarily, it also has a special move called Unburden that restores running energy based on one's Agility level, which can be activated if you have an Unburden scroll in your inventory. The amount of run energy restored is half of your Agility level. The Bull ant, like all other Beasts of Burden, is immune to poison damage. It can also give the summoner's weapon a 20 lp poison effect. It originally could only hold 3 items but this was increased to 9 with the Summoning 2 update.

Bull ant pouchEdit


Unburden scrollEdit


A player activating the scroll.


Unburden scroll enables the use of the Unburden special move for a Bull ant. Using the pouch on a Summoning obelisk creates 10 scrolls.


This special move restores a player's run energy by half of their Agility level. It is very useful for running for long periods of time.



  • Bull ants, or Myrmecia, is a genus of ant. They contain some of the deadliest and most aggressive ants in the world. A single sting from some types of bull ants can be fatal if not treated immediately.

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