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Iron brutal detail

Brutal arrows were released along with the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest. They are members' items. Instead of arrowtips, the brutal arrows use the flat sides of nails, therefore being "brutal". The brutal arrows are weaker than their regular arrow counterpart but have the bonus of being very effective versus Zogres due to their bones easily crumbling beneath the crushing force, as piercing weaponry is ineffective. All types of brutal arrows appear identical.

The different brutal arrows are:

Name Ranged Damage G.E. Price Nail price Fletching level Fletching XP
Bronze brutal 48 36 13 7 1.4
Iron brutal 96 25 16 18 2.6
Steel brutal 144 27 26 33 5.1
Black brutal 192 82 120 38 6.4
Mithril brutal 220 448 69 49 7.5
Adamant brutal 316 358 61 62 10.1
Rune brutal 412 952 481 77 12.5

Brutal arrows are tradeable and therefore they can be bought by other players or at Grand Exchange if you do not wish to make them yourself.

How to make Edit

Brutal arrows can be fired from both Ogre bows and Composite ogre bows, but are only available to players who have gone far enough into the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest. Grish will show you how to make a composite ogre bow from an Achey log and wolf bones.

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