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Not to be confused with Oomad Arrow.
Brother Omad chathead

Brother Omad is a monk who lives in the monastery in Kandarin, south of East Ardougne.

Players can talk to him to start the Monk's Friend quest. Brother Omad needs your help to retrieve a child's blanket. He and other monks are trying to help a baby who is crying every night since thieves stole the infant's blanket. When the object is retrieved, he wants to organise a birthday party for the child. At the end of the quest, Brother Omad begins partying with the player and the other monks.

The old dance emote can be accessed by talking to him.


  • After the quest is over, you can talk to Brother Omad again and party even more.
  • He looks exactly the same as all of the other monks in the monastery, as well as Brother Cedric.
  • When you talk to Brother Omad to have a party, the nearby monks can be seen doing the old dance emote.

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