Brother Brace, also Prayer instructor, is a Saradominist monk who teaches religion and morals to young newcomers at Tutorial Island's prayer school. He disappeared when Tutorial Island sank and returned during Beneath Cursed Tides.

Tutorial IslandEdit

He is an NPC on the Tutorial Island that taught players how to use Prayer and explained the Friends List and the Ignore List. He also gave new players information about the in-game rules. Players can find him in the chapel on Tutorial Island. He is also the community officer of Tutorial Island. He disappeared when Tutorial Island sank.

Beneath Cursed TidesEdit

During Beneath Cursed Tides it was revealed that all inhabitants of the island were cursed and morphed into sea creatures. During the quest the player has to do his task and the tasks of other instructors to break their curse. At the end of the quest, he and the other tutors come to Mudskipper Point and thank the player for their help after which they all leave to set up a new life.



  • He seemed to wear a golden holy symbol, possibly to denote his superior prayer status, since players could only wear silver coloured holy symbols at the time.

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