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The Bronze minotaur is a level 36 Summoning familiar and is the lowest level minotaur that can be summoned. It is summoned by using a Bronze minotaur pouch, which will give you 2.4 Summoning experience. It has a special attack called Bronze Bull Rush, which can be activated if you have a Bronze Bull Rush scroll in your inventory. The Bronze Minotaur is immune to poison damage. You can talk to Minotaur familiars without being 10 levels higher than the required level to summon them.

Bronze minotaur pouchEdit


A Bronze minotaur pouch can be created with a blue charm, bronze bar and 102 spirit shards.

Bronze bull rush scrollEdit

Bull Rush

A player using the Bull Rush attack (Applies to ALL minotaurs)


Bronze Bull RushEdit

Bronze Bull Rush is the special of the Bronze minotaur which is a magical attack doing up to 800 life points of damage while stunning an opponent.



  • If the player talks to it wearing a Guthan's helm or any similar helmets with horns, its dialogue will change and threaten the player to take off their horned helmet. However, this is not true with antlers.

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