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This is the quick guide for Broken Home.
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Start pointQuest map icon
Broken Home icon
Talk to the distressed servant Maria, outside the mansion north east of Varrock, just south of the Silvarea limestone quarry.
Member requirementF2P icon Free to play
Official difficultyNovice Novice
Official lengthMedium to Long
Requirements None
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • None
Enemies to defeat None

Starting the questEdit

Broken Home - Into the mansion
  • Speak to Maria. Finish the dialogue.
  • Deposit all of your items in the bank deposit box and enter the mansion.
Image notes
  • Purple shading is for the rooms with purple grow that hurt you.
  • Cyan shading is for when Senecianus chases you in monster form.

Inside of the mansionEdit

Broken Home map
  • Notes:
    • Before entering any door, check if there is smoke emitting from the bottom. If there is no smoke, enter the door normally. If there is smoke, right-click Peek through the door, then click the Enter Room button (the animation is irrelevant). While peeking through doors one will negate ALL damage taken from the ghost, the monster or the purple cloud.
    • You do not heal life points over time; only mystery meat heals you. Mystery meat restores all of your life points once eaten. Deaths are safe (safe for hardcore ironmen as well).
    • Safe rooms save your progress. Dying, exiting the house, or lobbying reverts you to your last saved state with the items and life points that you saved with.
    • Temporal chests cannot be opened on the first playthrough when completing the quest itself, so ignore them.
    • Timers (e.g. (30 minutes remaining)) are general guides for the replay challenge. Challenges cannot be completed on the first playthrough, so these should also be ignored.
  • Open south door on western wall (safe room).
  • Search the chest to get mystery meat.
  • Open north then west door.
  • Take the raven key and clock hands. Leave the room to the east.
  • Open south door (safe room).
  • Use the clock hands on the grandfather clock to receive an eye gem.
  • Open the east door.
  • Unlock then open east door in the lobby with the raven key.

Raven doorEdit

Broken Home - Raven door
  • After the cutscene, open south then east door.
  • Sort the pile of books for two eye gems:
    • First pick any random order of books.
    • Then use the hints given to swap out any books that are not in the correct place for books higher up on the stack.
    • Repeat the process for any incorrect books until the whole stack is correct.
  • Optional: Open and search the temporal chest in the room (requires level 10 in all skills).
  • Leave via west then north door.
  • Open east then north door.
  • Open middle door on the southern wall.

Statue puzzleEdit

Broken Home - Statue puzzle
  • Solve the statue puzzle:
    • Push the west statue.
    • Walk two steps south, push the east statue.
    • Walk one step south, push the west statue.
    • Push the south-westmost statue.
    • Walk one step north-east, push east statue.
    • Push the south statue.
    • Push the west statue.
    • Take the fourth eye gem from the table.
  • Leave via north door.


Broken Home - Continuing
  • Optional: Open and search the temporal chest by the staircase (requires level 20 in all skills).
  • Ascend the stairs.
  • Open east door.
  • After the cutscene, open east, then south-west door.
  • Search Ingram's research notes for the spider key and a scroll fragment.
  • Leave via east door.
  • Open northern west then west door.
  • Unbolt and open south door to get to the upstairs lobby.

Spider doorEdit

Broken Home - Spider door
  • Unlock then open west door with the spider key
  • Open south door.
  • Search the dead servant for an eye gem.
  • Open west door. Draw back the curtain and search the faceless servant for the statue key.

Statue doorEdit

Broken Home - Statue door

(30 minutes remaining)

  • Leave via east then north, north, east doors.
  • Unlock and open the south door in the middle with the statue key.
  • Take the eye gem.
  • Investigate the statue twice; open west door.
  • Investigate the second statue twice; open south door.
  • Investigate the third statue twice; open east door.
  • Take the scythe key.
  • Return to the hallway: west, north, east, north doors.

Scythe doorEdit

Broken Home - Scythe door
  • Open west, south, then east door to return to the upstairs lobby.
  • Unlock and open east door with the scythe key.
  • Open south-east door (safe room).
  • Investigate the shrine for the grand piano key and skull key.
  • Search the chest for mystery meat.
  • Leave the room via north door.

Skull doorEdit

Broken Home - Skull door - first floor
  • Peek through the west door after a scream. Click Go Back.
  • Unbolt then open north-east door.
  • Open northern west then west door.
  • Descend the stairs.
Broken Home - Skull door - ground floor
  • Open south-eastern door.
  • Open west door. An energy field shatters the windows. The Purple rooms inflict damage.
  • Open west door. Lobby is now purple.
  • Open southern west door (safe room).
  • Open north door.
  • Unlock and open north door with the skull key. (Progress save point)
  • Open southern east door.
  • Search Ormod's scribblings for a scroll fragment.
  • Leave the room via west door.
  • Open north then west door.
  • Play the piano.
  • Open purple south hidden door. Search the scorched skeleton in south-east corner for an eye gem. Note: The purple damage interrupts the search. Make sure you get the eye gem.
  • Leave the purple though the hidden north door.
  • Leave the piano room via east door.
  • Open south-east door
  • Descend the stairs.
  • Optional: Open north wall's west door (safe room). Search the chest for mystery meat. Leave the room.
  • Open the northern door on the western wall.
  • Search the butler for the cleaver key. Leave the room.

Cleaver doorEdit

Broken Home - Cleaver door

(20 minutes remaining)

  • Unlock and open east door on the north wall with the cleaver key.
  • Walk to avoid some damage. Follow the path to the south-east door while avoiding knives.
  • You can run again. Open middle door in the northern wall.
  • Search the chest of drawers for a large pipette. Leave the room.
  • Open east door on the north wall.
  • Use pipette on pig to get large pipette of pig bile. Leave the room.
  • Open east door.
  • Search the furnace for human ashes. Leave the room.
  • Use the pipette of pig bile and human ashes on the cauldron in the south-west.
  • Use the pipette on the cauldron to get alkaline concoction.
  • Use the concoction on the southern door, then open it.
  • Open west door.
  • Investigate the frozen servant for the doll key. Leave the room through the east door.

Snake door and doll doorEdit

Broken Home - Doll door
  • Optional: Open south-east door. Open and search the temporal chest (requires level 40 in all skills). Leave the room.
  • Open northern east door.
  • Take the snake key from the key hooks next to the ladder.
  • Climb the ladder with the snake key (leads to purple).
  • Use the stairs, then open west door.
  • Open west door with the doll key.
  • Ascend the stairs.
  • Take the tusks key.

Tusks doorEdit

Broken Home - Tusks door
  • Descend the stairs. Leave the room.
  • Open north then east door.
  • Unlock and open south-east door with the tusks key.
  • Investigate the bust.
  • Enter the trap door in the south-west.
  • Search the thief for an eye gem.
  • Climb the ladder. Leave the room.
  • Open middle door on the south wall.

Statues door againEdit

Broken Home - Statues secret door
  • Follow the path: west, south, east doors.
  • Investigate the statue twice. Open secret east door (safe room).
  • Take the mother's hairbrush from the shrine.
  • Return to the hallway: west, west, north, east, north doors.
  • Open west, south, then west doors.
  • Ascend the stairs.
  • Talk to the spirit. Finish the dialogue for the noose key (Progress saved).

Noose doorEdit

Broken Home - Noose door - first floor

Warning: A monster now chases you through most corridors (but not the lobby). Touching it kills you. Keep running through the hallways as fast as possible from now on; you can't be hurt if you're interacting with doors or other objects.

You need to have very low latency between your computer and your RuneScape server. Otherwise, the monster will kill you even before the screen shows up, making it impossible to pass this part of the quest.

  • Leave the room through the east door.
Broken Home - Noose door - basement
  • Open east door.
  • Unbolt and open north door in the upstairs lobby.
  • Open north-east door, then quickly open the south door with the noose key.
  • Open and climb into the cupboard. (The monster and ghost do not attack you in the basement.)
Broken Home - Noose door - pressure plate puzzle

(10 minutes remaining)

  • Follow the path. Peek through the peephole along the north wall. Click "Go Back".
  • Unbolt and open west door.
  • Optional: Open south-east door and open the temporal chest (requires level 30 in all skills). Leave the room.
  • Open northern east door.
  • Optional: Open north wall's west door (safe room). Leave the room.
  • Descend the stairs.
  • Open east door.
  • Descend the stairs.
  • Move all but the north statue, then stand on the middle yellow pressure plate.
  • Descend the stairs.
  • Optional: Open and search the temporal chest (requires at least level 50 in all skills).
  • Descend two flights of stairs.
  • Climb down the rope (safe room).
  • Optional: Open and search the temporal chest in the south (requires at least level 60 in all skills). Search north chest for mystery meat.

Chains doorEdit

Broken Home - Chains door
  • Open east door. Search the reception desk for Nabor's notes and the chains key.
  • Open north then east door.
    • Optional: Open and search the temporal chest in the north-west (requires level 70 in all skills).
  • Open east door with the chains key.
  • Head south and open the east door when you reach the rubble blocking the hallway.
  • Open the east door. Enter the south-west cell to take the dagger key.
    • Optional: Open and search the temporal chest in the north-east (requires level 80 in all skills).
  • Return to the safe room: west, west, (north)west, west, south, west.
  • Climb the rope, then ascend four flights of stairs.
  • Open west door. Ascend the stairs.
    • Optional: Open north wall's west door (safe room). Leave the room.
  • Ascend the stairs.

Dagger doorEdit

Broken Home - Dagger door - ground floor

(5 minutes remaining) Warning: The monster chases you after this room.

  • Open north, south-west, south, then south doors (safe room).
  • Open east door (leads to purple).
  • Use the stairs. Open east door by moving the servant. Open southern west door quickly (if you can't do go south east safe and then back).
Broken Home - Dagger door - first floor
  • Search Ingram's rantings for the last scroll fragment. Combine them to make the Break curse scroll.
  • Optional: Open east door. Open and search the temporal chest (requires level 90 in all skills). Leave the room.
  • Leave Ingram's room (North). Run east, away from the monster. Use the scroll on the monster. (You can use the scroll while the monster is spawning.)
  • Finish the dialogue with Senecianus, and choose an ending for Ormod.
  • Open west door (once purple but now you won't get hurt). Descend the stairs. Talk to "Lenian".
  • Finish the dialogue.
  • At this point you get notification saying what challenges you have completed.
  • Exit the house through the south door (ignore warning about unsaved progress, say you are sure you want to leave).
  • Talk to Maria to claim your reward. Congratulations, quest complete!


Broken Home reward
Early bird bonus

The early bird bonus consisted of the following rewards and was rewarded to players who completed the quest within two weeks of its release:

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