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Broad arrowheads detail

Broad arrowheads can be made into broad arrows by combining them with a headless arrow using the Fletching skill after completing the Smoking Kills quest. The finished arrows are used in the Slayer skill to kill kurasks and turoths. The crossbow equivalent of these are unfinished broad bolts.

After Smoking Kills, they can be purchased from any Slayer Master and Jacquelyn Manslaughter for 50 coins each. Normally, a total stock of 6,000 is available at once, with 3,000 shared between Turael/Spria and Jacquelyn Manslaughter, and 3,000 shared between all the other Slayer masters. After completion of the medium Wilderness task Notatrivial task, an additional 3,000 can be purchased from Notterazzo, located in the Bandit Camp. Buying 9,000 and selling them on the Grand Exchange gives a profit of 216,000.

Fletching broad arrows gives 15 experience each, or 225 experience per set of 15 with a loss of 2,340 coins. Broad arrows are more powerful than rune arrows and slightly less powerful than dragon arrows but are untradeable. You can buy the ability to fletch these with Slayer Reward Points.

Broad arrowheads are also a very fast way of training your Fletching. By getting the arrowheads and making them into full arrows you can gain up to 675,000 experience an hour. The downside to this is that they cannot be sold once made, resulting in a large loss of money, up to 6 million coins per hour.

Broad arrowheads are also an excellent method for training Fletching on Ironman accounts. Players can buy 9,000 broad arrowheads per day (3,000 from Jacquelyn Manslaughter, 3,000 from any Slayer Master, and 3,000 from Notterazzo) which is equal to 135,000 experience per day at a cost of only 450k gp. This offers a much faster experience per hour method than the commonly used method of gathering maple logs from Miscellania. Note: In order for this method to be viable, you must still collect maple logs from Miscellania to use for arrow shafts and you must also buy feathers from shops (8,000+ per day).

Since the "Fletch-x" update on bolts, broad arrows are now considered to be the fastest affordable Fletching experience, with the cost of dragon arrows and darts being unreasonable for most.

Dropping monstersEdit

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here.
Source Combat level Quantity Rarity


Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Slayer Equipment (Turael/Spria/Jacquelyn)50Coins 25Coins 3000Yes
Slayer Equipment (other masters)50Coins 25Coins 3000Yes


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