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Teleport to house (chipped) detail

The Brimhaven tablet is a modified House Tablet that is created by using a chisel on a normal House Teleport tablet. It teleports the caster just outside the Brimhaven house portal. Love Story must be completed to make this item.

Possible usesEdit


South Ardougne (60 coins per trip without a Ring of Charos (a)), Tzhaar City bank in Karamja Volcano, Shilo Village 20 coin round-trip by cart (after Shilo Village).

Nearby locationsEdit

Karamja, Brimhaven Agility Arena, Shilo Village, Tai Bwo Wannai, Catherby, Crandor and Brimhaven Dungeon.

Other advantagesEdit

Close bank for players who've completed Shilo Village (using the cart service). Karamja Achievement Diaries and faster travelling to hunt the Penguin Hide and Seek penguin in the Karamja area. Between the fruit tree patch and calquat patch. Handy for pineapples.


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