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"Brawlers" redirects here. For the Pest Control monster, see Brawler.

Brawling gloves are members only drops from Revenants. They were released on 15 October 2008 along with PvP worlds.

When wearing the gloves outside the Wilderness, players receive a 50% bonus to experience gained in the corresponding skill, for a total of 1.5× normal experience. In the Wilderness, the bonus is 300% (totaling 4× normal experience). The gloves disintegrate after a set amount charges have been used. For example, smithing brawlers are destroyed after 434 items made, with other brawlers having different amounts of charges.

Brawling gloves stack with Sacred clay items, Sköll boots, and the Penance horn for eight times the experience in the Wilderness, and triple experience elsewhere. However, this makes the gloves last half as long, giving the same exact amount of experience overall, just twice as fast. The gloves have no effect if a Bonus XP Weekend or Refer a Friend Programme experience bonus is active, but the gloves do not degrade either during such events.


  • The gloves match the base colour of the skillcape of their respective skill. The melee gloves, which have no corresponding cape, share the same shade of red as the Attack cape.
  • From 17 January to 1 February 2011, thieving brawling gloves wouldn't work inside Pyramid Plunder. It wasn't confirmed whether this was a glitch or an intentional update.

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