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This article is about the pest control monster. For the gloves, see Brawling gloves.
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Brawlers are large void pests encountered during the Pest control minigame. They are often considered irritating monsters because of their ability to stop players and monsters from walking through them, sometimes preventing players from reaching spinners or running to the next portal. During the game they do not attack the Void Knight, so it is not vital to kill them. They have a lot of life points and fairly low Defence, which makes them very good for quickly raising the player's total damage.

Ava's devices do not collect arrows when shooting at these, as is the case with most large monsters.

The Void Stares BackEdit

During The Void Stares Back quest, one Level 70 brawler appears alongside a defiler, spinner and torcher. As in Pest Control, this one acts as an obstacle. However, unlike Pest Control, this quest-specific brawler attacks far more frequently and has the ability to "injure" the player, temporarily disabling run, similar to the attacks of Saggitare.

Level tableEdit

Headless arrow 5
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Level Life points Max hit Colour Novice Intermediate Veteran
98 6000 864 Blue ?? ?? Yes
112 7000 1008 Green ?? ?? Yes

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