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The Brave Hoardstalker is a familiar used within Daemonheim. While Dungeoneering, he can be summoned with level 45 Summoning. As a hoardstalker, he will occasionally find random items throughout the dungeon, such as herbs, ores and hides.

Brave hoardstalker pouchEdit


Aptitude (tier 5) scrollEdit


The Aptitude scroll enables the use of the Aptitude special ability for a Brave hoardstalker. Using a Brave hoardstalker pouch on a Summoning obelisk creates ten Brave hoardstalker scrolls.

See also: Dungeoneering/Summoning


Aptitude is the special move of the Brave hoardstalker activated using a Aptitude scroll. He yields an invisble skill bonus of +5 for a brief period of time


The brave hoardstalker forages up to tier 5 items in his pack, such as Fractite ore, Dromomastyx hides, Spinebeam branches, Bryll, and Raw short-finned eels.


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