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Bovistrangler trap detail

The bovistrangler trap is a trap used in Dungeoneering. You must have 50 Hunter to use this trap. This trap, as well as other traps, is used to hunt Bovimastyx in Daemonheim. Once laid, the bovimastyx will stick its head in trap and, if successful, will decapitate the bovimastyx. You will then be given an option to skin the corpse, however you must have a knife in your inventory to do this. This will yield you several hides of the same tiered bovimastyx.

To make this trap, a player must use a knife on a set of Bovistrangler branches with level 53 fletching, yielding 108 fletching xp.


Bovistrangler trap Bovistrangler trap
Fletching-Make-X GE icon
108 XP--
Fletching Fletching level53
Quests No quests required
P2P icon Members onlyNo
Bovistrangler branchesBovistrangler branches112,50012,500