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Bouldabass detail

Bouldabass is one of the food items that was added to the game along with the skill Dungeoneering in the 12 April 2010 update. It is a tier 7 fish, and heals up to 1500 life points depending on your Constitution level. They are also used as a secondary ingredient in creating level 69 Naabe skinweaver pouches. According to the 44th Postbag from the Hedge, Thok named the bouldabass after chipping his tooth on its stiff scales[1].

The minimum Constitution level to receive the full amount of healing from this food is 60.

Enter your Constitution level name=skillstat_Constitution_level|type=int|value=1|range=9,99|size=4|sublist=calchealing

let(base,60) let(hp,skillstat_Constitution_level) if(hp < base){




} let(healing,"This will heal " + heal + " life points at level "+hp+".")

Raw bouldabass can be fished at a fishing level of 60, and cooked into bouldabass at a cooking level of 60. At a cooking level of 63, the cooked bouldabass can be added to a cooked cave potato to create a bouldabass potato. At a cooking level of 66, the cooked bouldabass can be added to a gissel potato to create bouldabass & gissel potato. At a cooking level of 69, the cooked bouldabass can be added to a edicap potato to create a bouldabass & edicap potato.

Cooked bouldabass can be found at the table at times. They can also be dropped if the team has someone in 80-89 Constitution as an almost common drop. Depending on the level of the monster, the food quantity and rarity becomes more common. (e.g. a level 152 zombie a player faces would drop more whilst a level 2 Mysterious shade would drop other food) If the team has 90+ Constitution, Bouldabass will become quite rare both on the table and from monster drops.


Bouldabass Bouldabass
Cooking-Make-X GE icon
146 XP--
Cooking Cooking level60
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Raw bouldabassRaw bouldabass1N/A-

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Animated book2; 16; 32; 47; 63; 77; 92; 107; 123; 1381–10Varies
Animated pickaxe5; 19; 35; 49; 64; 78; 93; 107; 123; 1381–10Varies
Brute21; 36; 51; 67; 70; 82; 98; 113; 128; 1381–10Varies
Dungeon spider5; 13; 22; 31; 40; 47; 48; 61; 77; 941–10Varies
Forgotten mage1; 14; 28; 42; 56; 70; 84; 98; 112; 126; 1381–10Varies
Forgotten ranger1; 2; 5; 14; 28; 42; 56; 70; 84; 98; 112; 126; 1381–10Varies
Ice elemental12; 28; 43; 58; 74; 89; 105; 120; 1381–10Varies
Mysterious shade1; 2; 7; 10; 19; 31; 48; 65; 79; 93; 111; 1281–10Varies
Night spider731–10Varies
Soulgazer 107; 1281–10Varies
Spiritual guardian821–10Varies


  • The name is a play on bouillabaisse, a type of fish stew which originated in France.
  • Its name may also be a portmanteau of 'boulder' and 'bass', as an indication of its size and rocky "scales".
  • Before the Evolution of Combat update, bouldabass used to heal 170 life points.


  1. ^ Jagex. Postbag 44 - "Transcript:Postbag from the Heim.", Letter 2, by Marmaros. RuneScape Postbags from the Hedge.

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