"Botanist" redirects here. For the Herblore necklace, see Botanist's amulet.

The Botanist's outfit is acquired via the Treasure Hunter and as a reward from Flash Powder Factory . When worn, the outfit gives a slight Herblore experience bonus of 1%. When all of the set are acquired, they gain a total of 6% bonus.

If lost on death, the outfit can be retrieved from Diango in Draynor Village at no cost.

Botanist's outfit equipped

Experience boostEdit

Item XP boost
Botanist's mask Botanist's mask 1%
Botanist's top Botanist's top 1%
Botanist's trousers Botanist's trousers 1%
Botanist's gloves Botanist's gloves 1%
Botanist's boots Botanist's boots 1%
Sub-total 5%
Set bonus 1%
Full set 6%

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