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Boss collection log detail

The boss collection log is a book that keeps track of all unique drops received from the Bosses listed in the Beasts tab as of 4 September 2017. All untradeable drops received before this date have also been kept track of.

The log can be picked up next to Death in his office, behind the desk.

Certain listed items dropped by non-boss monsters and other bosses count towards boss collections, such as:

CoinShare drops are not counted towards your collection.


The following titles can be unlocked through obtaining drops for the boss collection logs.

Boss Feat Title
Barry Araxxi Friendly Neighbour [Name] the Araxyte
Dharok's helm Barrows Barrowed Time Graverobber [Name]
Dharok bobblehead Rise of the Six Family Affair [Name], Banisher of Shadows
Ellie Chaos elemental Chaos Theory cHaOs [Name]
Commander Miniana Commander Zilyana Keeper of the Faith [Name], Finesse of the Icyene
Corporeal Puppy Corporeal beast Out of Body experience Dark Core [Name]
Prime hatchling Dagannoth Kings Love live the Kings! Bukalla's Heir [Name]
General Awwdor General Graardor Five-Star General [Name], Strength of the Ourgs
Molly (pet) icon Giant mole Can You Dig It? [Name] of the Underground
Greg Gregorovic Game Over [Name] the Faceless One
Lilwyr Helwyr Once the hunter, now the hunted Shapeshifter [Name]
Kalphite Grubling Kalphite King Exiled [Name] the Kingslayer
Kalphite Grublet Kalphite Queen Checkmate [Name] the Queenslayer
King Black Dragonling King Black Dragon How to Shame your Dragon [Name] the Last Rider
Chick'arra Kree'arra Light as a Feather [Name], Swiftness of the Aviansie
K'ril Tinyroth K'ril Tsutsaroth Whale Food [Name], Brawn of a Tsutsaroth
Legio Primulus Legiones We Are Legion Legio [Name]
Lil' Tuzzy Liberation of Mazcab Liberated [Name] the Liberator
The Minister The Magister Superior Successor [Name] of the Crossing
Nexterminator Nex Prison Break [Name], Tenacity of Zarytes
Reeves Nex: Angel of Death Fallen Angel [Name] of the Praesul
Queen Black Dragonling Queen Black Dragon Blackout [Name] the Experiment
Tess Telos Party Anima [Name] the Dormant
Ava (pet) icon Twin Furies Heart to Heart [Name] the Lone Fury
Shrimpy TzHaar First Rule of Fight Caves Kal-Haar-Xil [Name]
Rawrvek Vindicta & Gorvek Revenge Is Sweet [Name] the Dragonrider
Vitalis (pet) icon Vorago Hard as a Rock [Name] of Omens

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