Borrowed Power
Borrowed Power icon
Release date 23 August 2011 (Update)
Members? Yes
Level 99
Spellbook Lunar
Type Skilling
Experience Same as spell used
Runes 3Astral rune
Quest Lunar Diplomacy

Borrowed Power is a spell in the Lunar spellbook. Level 99 Magic as well as work at Livid Farm are required for using this spell, as it is unlocked by speaking to Pauline for 430,000 produce points. With this spell, you have the ability to cast one of a selection of spells from the standard spellbook.

It allows you to cast one of the following standard spells at a time:

Air Wave icon Air Wave Slayer Dart icon Slayer Dart Teleport to House icon Teleport to House
Water Wave icon Water Wave Vulnerability icon Vulnerability Telekinetic Grab icon Telekinetic Grab
Earth Wave icon Earth Wave Enfeeble icon Enfeeble High Level Alchemy icon High Level Alchemy
Fire Wave icon Fire Wave Entangle icon Entangle Bones to Peaches icon Bones to Peaches

In order to use the Borrowed Power spell, you must activate the 'Set Borrowed Power!' wish by claiming-reward to Pauline. This requires enough runes to cast the spell 1,000 times, resulting in 1,000 charges of that spell. You can only use one spell.

Casting the spell then requires 3 astral runes and 1 charge.

This spell is rather unpopular as many believe that accessing the spell selection is overpriced or useless. Because the caster must be using Lunar magicks, the player is effectively locked to a Polypore staff for magic-based combat, making the debuff spells useless in most encounters. The wave spells are also useless, for this same reason, especially considering that Polypore Strike would be available. When this spell is unlocked, at 99 Magic, the monsters that Slayer Dart affect are likely no longer relevant. Teleport to house tablets render that spell a poor choice for the arcane capacitor. This leaves High Level Alchemy as a resonable use for Borrowed Power. The best use for borrowed power is putting vulnerability or enfeeble into the spell and using it as a backup for magic debuffs with the Range style, Since you are already on the lunar spell book as a ranger for the use of Vengance and group Vengance. The Borrowed power vulnerability spell will hit with range style.


3Astral rune1,095


  • This is currently the only spell that needs 99 Magic.
  • It was once possible to be able to cast High Alchemy on three astral runes to consume one astral rune and no charges. This was patched on 22 May.
  • It was released on 23 August 2011, along with many other new minigame rewards.